Drug addiction therapy and recovery from drug addiction can take many forms, not least of which is entering a drug rehab program within a facility that has on its staff drug recovery specialists and medical professionals, including psychologists. It is true to say that even those who work in those drug rehab facilities will admit that they are only part of the recovery treatment and not its entirety.

The reason that they will say that is because, even when a person can truly and honestly say that they are drug-free, the possibility of relapse is always present. For many, thankfully, all it will ever be is a distant possibility, and they will enjoy the remainder of their life without another harmful drug ever entering their body. Unfortunately for others, relapse can become a reality.

This is why all drug treatment programmes will recommend that the person undertakes activities as part of their core treatment and thereafter, once they return home, to provide them with a stimulus, whether it be physical or cerebral. This can include any sport, pastime, or hobby you can think of, and one which is hugely popular, and proven to be extremely helpful in drug addiction recovery, is gardening. Here are five ways it achieves these.

Reason #1 – It Is A Physical Activity

Whilst we would never suggest that gardening is akin to training to run a marathon or come anywhere close for that matter, nevertheless, it does provide an excellent level of physical activity. Most importantly, it is an activity that can be done for many hours at a time should someone so wish and is an excellent way for anyone recovering from drug addiction to boost their physical health.

Reason #2 – It Is Proven To Reduce Anxiety

Gardening is an activity that is neither rushed nor which generates increased levels of anxiety. Quite the opposite in fact, which makes it ideal for drug addiction recovery. Being surrounded by the colours and aromas of the plants in a garden, plus the tranquillity that exists there can also be extremely relaxing, which is an ideal state of mind during drug addiction recovery.

Reason #3 – It Provides Numerous Successes And Accomplishments

One of the mindsets that many addicted to drugs admit to is the sense that they are a loser who has achieved nothing. Gardening provides a perfect environment for that mindset to be changed to one of achievements and success. A plant flowering, a lawn that is restored to perfect health, or the picking of delicious vegetables and fruits which others remark positively upon are just a few examples that breed a positive mindset brimming with accomplishments.

Reason #4 – It Requires Patience And Perseverance

Following on from the previous paragraph, one thing that is certain in a garden is success does not occur overnight. Indeed, many of them will take months of care, pruning, watering, and nurturing, all of which require patience and perseverance. These are two traits that are required to remain on track during a drug recovery program meaning gardening is the perfect activity to facilitate them.

Reason #5 – It Offers Lots Of Learning Opportunities

Those who are recovering from drug addiction need their minds to be stimulated by something other than drugs, and one of the most effective ways for that to be achieved is by learning. Whether it be new skills, knowledge, or, in this instance, learning how to grow a huge variety of different plants within a garden, they all play a role. Even the most experienced gardeners regularly add to their gardening knowledge, so it shows the capacity to learn via gardening knows no bounds.