The greenhouse may be the dream of many people who are willing to cultivate the fruit plants, flowers, vegetations, and other ornamental plants. If the dream comes true, they will be feeling comfort and achieving the maximum benefits from the greenhouse.

The greenhouses are made of plastic or glass, which will allow the natural light coming from the sun to saturate inside for the benefit of the plants. The people, who do not know the technical aspects of the greenhouse, may have wonder about the cultivation inside a closed chamber. The only answer is that the greenhouse chamber is providing the controlled atmosphere, with out the consideration of natural climate conditions, for the healthy growth of the plant through out the year.

The build up activities and the maintenance of a greenhouse is very difficult and may be discouraging factor to the farmer. However, the forthcoming benefits to the owner will boost the person to forget all the difficulties and to put entire effort on it. The greenhouse is very much suitable and perfect place to cultivate any kind of plants like fruit plant, vegetations and flower plants and the farmer can supply the products through out the year.

Few people could not understand the real purpose of greenhouses and still preferring the outside atmosphere to cultivate their plants. As per them, they are getting sufficient sunlight, air, water, and humidity from the natural environment for the growth of the plant.

However, the light, temperature, and humidity are created artificially, in the greenhouse. They say, one-day fail of the worker will create many difference in the growth of the plant and regular fail will destroy the plant. With the consideration of the above reason, they insist that, it would be better to cultivate the plants on its natural environment than the imprisonment to the plants in a glass-made `prison.”

The above-mentioned reasons are correct as per them, that they do not know the technological aspects and benefits of the greenhouse environment. So it is necessary to give an explanation for them regarding the detailed facts of the real operation and benefits of greenhouses.

It uses solar energy – The greenhouses also make use of the solar energy as well, like the plants growing in natural environment, for which the greenhouse will be made of either the glass or plastic that will permit the light rays inside.

It converts the solar energy to heat – The heat gained from the sun will be retained inside and maintaining the warm atmosphere, during the night for the better growth of the plant.

Many people believe it more to cultivate their plants inside the greenhouse, because of the proper cultivation process as well as the regulated amount of light and heat present in the chamber, by which they can get optimum plant growth and productivity. The people will realize that the greenhouses are added features for the environment.