The greenhouse plants are in need of controlled climate to grow healthy and design of greenhouse is especially meant for maintaining the climate inside the chamber. The atmospheric temperature varies every hour and very low in during the night.

In winter season, the condition will be worst and it is must to create the temperature artificially. Much kind of heaters are available in the market for maintaining the heat inside the chamber of greenhouse. You have to think about the capacity of the heater to maintain the heat in the wide area of your greenhouse.

While selecting the heater you have to take into consideration of the initial and running cost of the heater.The Electric Heaters are most reliable for small size greenhouse, which produces only heat without any smoke and that quality save the opening of ventilation system. Gas heaters are also reliable to use for maintaining the temperature, inside the greenhouse chamber.

Paraffin heaters – This kind of heaters is being use as standby because of it’s de-merits of fumes, re-filling of fuel and constant wick trimming. This heater produces fumes and has to be exhausted by ventilation and the burned fuel also to be disposed away from the greenhouse.

Heater Combustion – This kind of heaters are heating the air inside the chamber by the fuel burning process. The performance of this type of heaters found satisfactory.

Separated combustion heater – A gas heater uses the combustion mechanism with the outside air for combustion. Its burner is sealed to trap the air from outside. The exhaust facility has been provided to release the smoke.

Sealed combustion heater – This type of heater are very much similar to the separated combustion type. The only difference is that the burner is completely sealed inside.The some kind of heaters can be stored by hanging on the ceiling or sidewall and no floor space is required. The floor standing type is also there which consumes more floor space