Living in a densely-populated state can have its benefits, but when it comes to landscaping, you can come up against a few barriers. There is no denying that being in the heart of the city means you’re within proximity to all life’s necessities, but being able to see your neighbours and have them see you can be draining. You’re surrounded by people all day at work, so the last thing you want is to see more of them when you get home!

Creating a private outdoor sanctuary can seem like an impossibility, but with expert help from the likes of Landscaping Sydney, or a bit of research, it’s entirely achievable. Here is how to create a private outdoor sanctuary to block out the rest of the world.

Tall Plants                                                                                                                     

Adding plants to your backyard can have all manner of benefits, but the primary one of tall plants is that they are a natural privacy screen. If you enjoy entertaining in your yard, then position tall potted plants strategically around that area. They can provide shelter, shade, and protection from the prying eyes of neighbours. What’s more, when done right, they can look stunning!

Privacy Panels

Privacy panels can take on many forms. You can invest in frosted plexiglass to block off parts of your entertainment area, construct wood lattice to offer at least a bit of protection from your neighbours, or set up a One Shade custom shade sail to protect yourself from the sun while you enjoy your new sanctuary . The sky’s the limit for where you can put them too. Some people prefer to section off a small portion of their yard, while others attach it to low fencing to offer height. There are plenty of options at your disposal so consult the experts to find out which one will work best for you.


If a sterile looking fence is not something you’d appreciate in your yard, then why not try out hedges? You can use this natural form of fencing to encompass your property or create it around certain sections of your yard. However, hedges can take a long time to grow, so be prepared to wait!

Portable Partitions

If your entire yard is your outdoor sanctuary, then it can seem silly to partition the whole thing off. You could construct 10-foot-high fences, but there’s a more cost-effective method available. Portable partitions are available in many heights, materials, and styles. They also work similarly to indoor barriers you would use for dressing or office work. You can set them up where you are entertaining outside, then move them if that area changes.

Your privacy is sacred, but in cities, it’s also rare. If you’re tired of having everyone know what you’re doing in the comfort of your own yard, then invest in your privacy. Plants, panels, partitions, and hedges are all excellent options for being able to create a private outdoor sanctuary of which you can be proud.