Building a greenhouse at your home may be the dream of many people, where you can feel the music of nature and can have the fun with the flowers and plants. The habit to grow the plants is common for 80% of human, living in the world, however all those are not getting chance due to many factors.

If anybody is willing to grow the plants at their home, he has to consider many factors to build up the garden in suitable place and to give the proper maintenance to the garden every day. If he is planning to make the garden, exposed to nature then he must suffer from the change of climate, weather and natural calamities, which affect the life of your plants and you may be discouraged from your most interesting habit.

In the view of the natural disturbances to the growing and grown plants, the modern world has decided to build the internal garden for saving the life of the plants. The idea of greenhouse has given more relief and comfort to the people, who are having in-depth love and habit of gardening.

The greenhouse is definitely suitable to protect the plants from the natural climate changes and weather conditions. Even then, building up a greenhouse is not silly as the gardening at out side.You should have planning for building up a greenhouse like the land, easy access for maintenance, availability of water, electricity, sun light, air circulation etc. You have to select the area, where sufficient sun light is available, which is most important for the growth of the plant.

The availability of water and electricity is also to be considered for the treatment and maintenance of the greenhouse.Idea to go for a greenhouse is appretiatable and you have the planning of the location and basic needs of the plants you are willing to grow in the greenhouse. Now the question is that what type of greenhouse must be selected to serve your purpose as per your planning.

There are two types of greenhouse like freestanding type and attached type. The name itself is the explanation for those types of greenhouses. The freestanding type can be erected anywhere as per your choice, however the attached type must me attached with any other structure. Different kind of attached types are available with the suppliers and can be selected depends on the available space and your budget.

The lean-to attached greenhouse is a half greenhouse attached directly with one side of a house or building. The advantage of this type is that, as it is close to your house means it is close to the sources of water and electricity, which reduces the running cost of the greenhouse. This kind of structure has some limitations on space, ventilation, and sunlight.

Another type-attached greenhouse is the even span type. This kind of structure has one gable end connected to a building and it provides more usable space and allows better airflow to maintain temperature. The third type of an attached greenhouse is the window-mounted. It is made of glass enclosure, which gives enough space for growing plants.

The structure can be made of much kind of materials like steel, glass, plastic, fiber etc. The main consideration, while selecting the structure, must be that the structure should withstand all kinds of weather changes and free from deterioration.

The greenhouse is meant for the artificial friendly atmosphere for the growth of the plants. The heat, light energy, humidity, water and air are the basic needs of the plant and the greenhouse can create and maintain this friendly atmosphere with the help of some equipments, though out the year for the year though plantation to the satisfaction of gardener.