The human demand for the fruits and vegetables are not seasonal but the some fruits and vegetables are getting only in the specified season. The modern world has developed much more technologies to easier the human life and they have found the way to produce the seasonal fruits and vegetables through out the year by developing the greenhouse technologies.

The studies have shown that the growth of the plant is depend up on the climate and if we can create the favorable climate artificially, the plants will grow and the cropping can be through out the year.

The experts have developed a different world for the plants to provide controlled atmosphere to enable them for non-stop production. The greenhouse, the artificial world of plants, technology to provide the suitable climate to the plants is being achieved by few accessories like heater, moisture detector, air ventilators, lights and enclosure.

The plants require the warm atmosphere with sufficient nutrients, water and sun light for its growth. The greenhouse technology is very much developed to meet all these requirements and the year-through cultivation of all kinds of vegetables and fruits made possible for the world.

The continuous warmness is being achieved by the greenhouse heaters and the over heat will be controlled by the ventilation system during the summer. The daily watering gives the required moisture to the roots to absorb the maximum from the soil. The fertilizing is an important factor, which we have to provide as per the instructions of experts.

There are several kinds of heaters available in the market for maintaining the temperature inside the chamber. We have to select the heater depend on our budget and the consideration of its running cost. The heaters are Electric heaters, gas heaters, combustion heaters, paraffin heaters etc.

The electric heater more preferable, which produces only heat energy and no smoke, however the running cost of this heater is high and may not be affordable. All other type of heaters will emit the smoke along with heat energy and we have to exhaust it by the ventilation system. The temperature level of the chamber can be detected by the thermometer and we can act as per the requirement.