The person who are willing to be the owner of a greenhouse must be prepared with in-depth knowledge in maintenance of greenhouse and he has to purchase and keep the necessary equipments for the treatment of greenhouse, based on the weather. Anybody can have his own greenhouse at his back yard if he is able to maintain it.

The watering and providing the fertilizers is not only the requirement of greenhouse but also the heating process and de-moisturing is most important during the winter season. The main thing is that the plant must always be in a controlled atmosphere with sufficient heat, sun light, air and ventilation.

The greenhouse must be arranged to get use of rainwater and should have the proper drain system to avoid the accumulation of water at greenhouse area. Lighting is the other requirement of greenhouse to help the plants to grow at their maximum.

If you have the will power to take care of the greenhouse and are ready to arrange the necessary equipments, there are many free greenhouse plans, available to construct at your backyard. There are plans for building a freestanding or a lean-to greenhouse as you wish. We can give you some greenhouse plan to help for constructing your own greenhouse at your backyard or you go though the web site of free greenhouse plans and follow.

  1. You have to arrange the following things, towards the construction of your own greenhouse. Squeeze clips – 20 nos; Duck tape – 1 role; Heavy duty 3 M clear tape – 3 roles; 6 mm Clear plastic; 18 ratcheting tie downs; 4 to 8 T posts and 10 x 20 Universal canopy. These are the requirements to construct a low cost greenhouse.
  2. Get the help of somebody and assemble the parts to be the owner a greenhouse. Make sure that the joints are properly wrapped with duck tape. Erect the legs at the selected area for your convenience.
  3. Attach the 18 tie-downs to connect the upper part. Four legs / T posts are to be provided in the corners and at the centre portions, if required.
  4. Now you cover the structure with plastic, metal or wood material.

Your own green house is ready in front of you. Now you have chosen the crops to be cultivated and start to enjoy the warm of greenhouse.