The people of modern world have diverted their mind towards the natural products like fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid the health imbalances happening from the artificial food. The demand of fruits and vegetables made very good potential in this business and many people has entered in the field of cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

Now the people are in search for the way to produce more fruits and vegetables and they are ready to invest as per the demand.The greenhouse technology is become more and more popular due to its favorable contribution in the agricultural industry.

The greenhouse is certified as the good in the production of more fruits and vegetables through out the year with out any interruption. The greenhouse becomes the dream of many people they are searching for the way to own it. The greenhouse kits are available in the market for the people, who are ready to invest for the greenhouse.

You can have the help of greenhouse experts to know the whole ideas for building a greenhouse. There are sources from where you can get free plans and tips to build your own greenhouse, especially for greenhouse enthusiasts who are just beginner and not able to invest more. We can help you to built your own green house in a minimum investment.

Tips to construct your own greenhouse:-

The base can be made of wood like rose wood or any other strong wood also can be selected. The base for our plan is considered as 2400 mm x 3000 mm.

The sidewall can build by 75 x 50 tantalized sawn timbers, which is usually available in 4800 mm. the sidewalls can be erected on the base and the side walls must attach with the base by using galvanized nails.

Roof frame can build by using the 75 x 50 tantalized sawn timbers. The roof frames should place above and attach with the sidewalls by using galvanized nails.

Windows will be of 50 x 50 timbers. One or more windows can provide for the right air circulation inside the greenhouse. The windows should be hinged and aligned properly for the regulation of inside temperature.

Covering of greenhouse is most important factor for maintaining the friendly atmosphere inside and it must allow sunrays inside for the growth of plants. It can be of polythene, which allows only 70 to 75% of ultra-violet rays, as required by the plants. The covering can be placed using thin battens, which will hold the polythene to the greenhouse.

The battens have to be attached by nails with the greenhouse studs and roof rafters. Greenhouses can be built in a couple of days to a couple of years. You may find many free greenhouse construction plans in the Internet. The free plans come with good tips and wonderful illustration to guide one in constructing a greenhouse for his plants.