Farmers face many challenges when working on the land due to the changes of weather and providing the sufficient nutrients to their plants. They have also to be prepared to fight with pests and diseases to achieve the target of harvesting the maximum out put from the grown plants.

The proper and proven method, the greenhouse technologies, is available for the farmers to do the cultivation as per their wish and expectations. The greenhouse will help the farmer to grow the crops in a controlled environment free from pest and diseases, what they were suffering in the past.

The greenhouse comes in various sizes; the designer can distribute a booklet to show the available models. If the farmer does not have enough space to accommodate the existing models, the farmer can go for a modified version according to the layout of the land. The greenhouse must be with the consideration of many factors.

The main thing is the selection of frame depends on your area weather conditions. The strong frame models are available to withstand all the weather conditions. Next factor is the selection of panel. It should be able to maintain the warm atmosphere inside the greenhouse though out the year and should have the quality to allow the sunlight inside for the growth of the plants. The panels made of Plexiglas or plastic can withstand even the hailstorm and the heavy snow falls.

The greenhouse is designed to maintain the friendly atmosphere inside, by which the plants can grow healthy and more productive, nevertheless of weather conditions. The main factor is that there are some accessories have to be kept for maintaining the warm atmosphere inside the greenhouse.

The heater, Humidifier, thermometer, humidity measuring instrument, lights, and ventilation systems are the main requirement of greenhouse to maintain the warm atmosphere inside the chamber. These equipment help the greenhouse to away from more heat during the summer and too cool during the winter. The farmer can do the plantation confidently through out the year and he can gain the benefit of cropping in every season.

Now the new technologies have come to maintain the friendly environment automatically, by which the farmer can achieve the best maintenance in time and can reduce the labor. The hydroponics farming is also has been developed, where the plants are growing in the water instead of soil. This technique has proven that it can produce more crops than the traditional method of using the soil.