The ancient people of Egypt did farming using a good irrigation system and proper sunlight to make the crops grow the maximum and excellent productivity. We are also following the same practice; however, we are not able to get the maximum productivity due to the influence of weather, insects and diseases affecting the plants growth throughout the year.

The research and development has advised the new world to use the fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to sustain the crop production. It is also proved that the use of pesticides and herbicides is harmful to the human health, due to which the world turned back towards organic farming.

To protect the plants from the attack of insects, pests and the weather the experts have developed the greenhouse and increased the productivity of the plant. The greenhouse provides a controlled environment to the plants to grow throughout the year.

Greenhouses are usually built using wood and metal, however the panels are made of glass. Since this is not sturdy enough to withstand the weather conditions, termites and rust. Manufacturers have come up with modified models using different materials to keep the greenhouse away from the disturbing factors.

The frames of greenhouses have been changed to aluminum and plastic, which are rust and termite proof. Other merit of plastic frame is that it is stronger than the glass to with stand during the heavy snowfall and hailstorms.It is well known to everybody that the plastic material cannot break even if a rock thrown on it.

This material will allow only 70% to 75% of ultraviolet rays to enter inside the greenhouse, which is proved that the right amount of sunlight required for plants to grow. The person has to assess the area before making the decision of what kind of greenhouse is ideal.

The greenhouse manufacturers are also supplies the necessary equipments for the maintenance of greenhouse. It is optional to you that whether the equipments have to be purchased from them or not. The farmers have to keep the greenhouse in warmed condition with the use of heaters for the growth of the plants especially during the monsoon and winter seasons. The modern world is offering all the operations with automated equipments to maintain the warmness without any fail.

Manufacturers have developed many methods to do the farming and they are in this business for years. They can give good advice to the beginners for choosing the models, suitable plants to grow, the fertilization and maintenance of the greenhouse.

Hydroponics method is the most modernized and popular technique used in United States and Europe. Hydroponics method uses only water instead of soil and the plant growing better than the plants growing on the soil. Most preferable thing about this technique is that farmers are able to get the crops 4 to 6 times more than the traditional method.

It is also helpful to avoid the regular problems with soil such as weeds, diseases, and pests.The basic needs for the plant growth are water, nutrients, and the right environment, which we can provide through the greenhouse technology. The greenhouse permits the farmer to grow the plants throughout the year with out any consideration of natural climate and weather changes.