The greenhouse business is charming and profitable to the farmers, however it is not easy to maintain the greenhouse as it is spread in more area, due to which the farmer is in need of more labors to give proper maintenance and treatment to the plant.

The technologies developed by the experts are most useful to eradicate the insects and pest to get the maximum out put from the cultivation. Even then, the farmers have to fight against the wild plants, diseases and change of weather conditions until the harvest of his crops. The use of chemicals for the eradication of insects and pests may cause the crop to carry some percentage of the chemicals.

So it must to conduct a test to prove that whether it is harmful to human body or not. The commercial greenhouse is designed with enclosures to protect the plants from the insects and pests, by which the farmer can reduce the chemical treatments to the plants and the product, will be helpful to the human body.

The hydroponics plantation is also a proven method of cultivation, where we need only water instead of soil. The hydroponics plantation is proved as more productive than the other method of cultivation. The availability of sunlight and air must be considered before selecting the location. The farmer has to make sure that the water and fertilizers in required time properly.

The panel type commercial greenhouse is proven its capability to grow the plants better than the other models. It is reliable to give sufficient sun light to the plants. The enclosure can be made of metal, plastic, wood, glass or fiber and we have to choose the enclosure as per the weather condition of our area.

The commercial greenhouse is costly as it is ranging from 4000 dollars to 50000 dollars. The investors must be aware about the initial investment and the running cost to maintain the greenhouse, before entering into this business. Any kind of plantation can be done in this enclosures and it is the responsibility of investor to choose the type plants, depends up on the requirement of market.