A greenhouse can be freestanding or attached to the house. The greenhouse attached to the house is called as lean-to greenhouses. This type of greenhouse is very popular among the gardeners who utilize greenhouse for gardening. Lean-to greenhouse or a freestanding greenhouse is different in the aspect of their structure.

A freestanding greenhouse is an independent structure, which can build away from the house. The greenhouse is made to create and maintain the friendly environment for the better growth of the plants. Therefore you have to be equipped with necessary equipment to develop the heat, humidity, light and ventilation system to release the over heat. The availability of water and electricity are the most considerable factors while placing the greenhouse.

Freestanding greenhouse is expensive and need more space to accommodate. However, the “lean-to” attached type greenhouse can build as the part of your house and the cost is also will be affordable. Another advantage of attached type greenhouse is that the required water and electricity can supply from your home, easily.

It is most important to place the lean-to greenhouse, where sufficient sunlight is available. Every greenhouse should be used to its full potential and capability to grow and maintain the plants. He should consider all the factors that can affect the result of his greenhouse gardening and he has to fulfill the requirements of the plants.

The lean-to greenhouses, which are commonly attached to a house or a building gives the person to have the advantage of having enough time to attend to his plants anytime he wants. The support of the lean-to greenhouse depends on the attached structure. Now a days the greenhouses seem to vary in their styles and sizes. You may find large and small environmentally oriented greenhouses.