The greenhouse is absolutely away from the natural environment and the plants growing in the greenhouse is safe from the atmospheric pollution and weather changes. There are many harmful elements, due to the pollution, in the atmosphere, which are having the tendency to destroy the plants. The greenhouse, you can expect an all the year-round production of lush vegetations and flowers without worrying about the adverse effects of the pollution in the environment.

Positively, cultivating plants in a greenhouse is one of the most remarkable concept, human has ever created. However, building-up a greenhouse is not an easy thing because it necessitates many factors in order to provide a healthier place for growing the plants. It is must that, every gardener to be equipped with the suitable equipment to fulfill the requirements of the plants.

These equipments are classified into three systems, each having its own unique capability of developing the plants.Greenhouse lighting system is an essential factor in the plant growth, in a particular greenhouse environment.

Greenhouse lighting systems is must, especially during the winter season, when sufficient sunlight is not available. The light rays, air, and humidity are active factors in the life process of the plant, known as photosynthesis process. It is a encouraging factor to the farmers that, they can do their cultivation without the consideration of natural climate, through out the year.

Greenhouse watering system:-

Among the important factors, the water having very close relation with the life of the plant. Water having the importance in all the lives born in the world and the plants or creatures, nothing can be alive without the water. Greenhouse watering systems is important to feed the water in time without any fails. The nutrients also can be diluted in the water to feed the plant. It specially designed to provide mechanical “trickle type” of irrigation and fertilizer feeding.

Greenhouse Electrical System is having the most important position in the greenhouse environment. Electricity is the supreme media, which is essential for operating all of those devices like heater, humidifier, lights, and other equipments used for watering and air circulation. Some more instruments can be added in this list like the thermostat and timers for the automation of all the equipments serving for the greenhouse.