Thorough planning and preparation is essential before starting your greenhouse project. Putting up a greenhouse need not be time-consuming or expensive. Your greenhouse design will very much depend on the space, variety of plants, cost, and location. Make sure that your greenhouse must be able to provide the environment suitable for your plants.

Location must select with the consideration of availability of the sunlight and fresh air. The morning sunlight and evening sunlight is very much useful for plants for their life process. The sunlight is most important as well as the burning or cruel sunlight with high temperature is harmful to the plants. Therefore, the sunlight during the afternoons of summer seasons, the shades must be provided to save the plants from the burning effect of the sunlight.

While selecting a site to construct the greenhouse you must consider the drainage facility during the monsoon. If that kind of area is not available in your land, please be noted that you must place the greenhouse slightly higher altitude than the ground level. You should also consider the place for keeping the accessories and potting with out disturbing anything else.

Simple and easy to construct greenhouse:


  • * 5/8″ x 6′ long pieces – 15 nos.
  • * 7 pieces of 20 feet schedule” 40 PVC” drilled with a hole size 3/16 to ¬ inch “dead center” at 10 feet.
  • * 84 feet – that is “cut into 4 foot lengths of «” schedule 40 PVC”
  • * 80 pieces size 2 x 4 wood (treated).
  • * 4 pieces fence posts, 8 foot in length (treated).
  • * Size “40 x 24 feet” UV “polyethylene”, stabilized
  • * 60 pieces 2 « inches fence staples
  1. Mark the area and erect the 6 feet pieces, each with a distance of 4 feet away from each other. Allow 48 inches to protrude from the soil or ground.
  2. Nail the 2 x 6 runner on to the “rebar stakes”. This will provide you with something to nail on the polyethylene later. You may use a “60 2 « inch fence staples”.
  3. Slide in the PVC pieces (20 inch) over the “rebar stakes”, making certain that no sharp points are exposed, such as rebar, wire ends, rough pipes, etc.
  4. Put the PVC pieces (20 foot) on the “rebar stakes”. You need to have somebody do “one side” as you also do the “other side” carefully and slightly at each time. Make sure that you drilled holes “parallel to the ground”.
  5. Slide the wire all through the PVC holes and through the 8 PVC (4foot) pieces “along the roof”.
  6. So, the “ribs” will not shift horizontally, you need to wire together the 4 foot PVC pipe lengths with either baling or copper wire. Make certain that the wire is wrapped so that the PVC pipe is forced inward.
  7. Construct now the “two end walls” and the doors. Use vertical posts (4X4) 10 foot length and buried 3 or 4 feet for the doorway frame. Make certain that the end walls are not floppy and must stay vertically so that the PVC will not separate. Your door must be very tight so that the wind will not be able to inflate the greenhouse.
  8. Drive some nails into the post’s base horizontally of the posts and submerge them to the ground.
  9. With somebody’s help, and each person on each side holding the plastic, slide it over the rib cage and then attach the ends by wrapping the plastic’s end around lath pieces then “nail the lath” to the “end walls” and also along the foundation.
  10. Be creative and add a few of your personal touches.

All done! Enjoy with your greenhouse!