The greenhouse assures the protection of plants during all kinds of weather and the maximum out put from the cultivated plants. If you are interested in gardening, you have the choice to go for a green house.

The design of the greenhouse is your choice, however if the area experiences heavy snow falls during the winter, it is not advisable to select a flat or straight roof design, because the roof will allow the snow to slide off easily.
The curved or peaked roof greenhouse design will suit at the area, where heavy snow falls experiencing. The greenhouse design is available to accommodate in limited area and it is known as lean-to or home design. The lean-to design is most preferred design as its convenience for watering and power supply distribution.

Greenhouse designs:

  • Gable greenhouse. This design is shaped triangular and will have to attach with any wall or any structure. It is having the sidewalls to attach each other and flat roof with slight slop.
  • Barn style greenhouse. This design is one of the bigger designs having more space to accommodate more plants. It is having wide roof and sidewalls, which can be incorporated in a garden of country setting or theme or a rustic garden appeal. It can be attached with other greenhouse.
  • Dome greenhouse. It is a freestanding design and equal to the design of a dome. This has to be placed directly on land. This design does not have the sidewalls and it is not suitable to attach with any other structure.
  • Gothic style greenhouse. This design is shaped as historical gothic appearance. The walls and roof designed to create a continuous form and permit snow to fall down easily. It can be either the attached type or freestanding. The attached type of this design is usually not recommended, however it can attach if your home is designed similar to the gothic design.
  • Hoop greenhouse. This design is constructed with metal or PVC pipes to make the hoop’s shape and enclosed with plastic covering. This design is very cheapest in cost and helps you to reduce the initial investments. However, you have to spend for the replacement; the cover (plastic) will be additional in your greenhouse running cost.

You can find many of greenhouses are made of aluminum material, which is weatherproof and lightweight. Galvanized steel construction also is strong and full proof design. Wood can also be used, but the necessary chemical treatments to be given to make it weather resistant. The thing is that you have to consider the strength and stability of structure other than anything else, while selecting the greenhouse.

The greenhouse construction must be able to bear extreme weather conditions, like high velocity winds and heavy snowfalls. It should have the facility to accommodate the tools and potting and it must support for produce lights. The ventilation facility also must be provided.

Keep in mind that costs is depend up on the size of the greenhouse, however the further expansions can later be added when you feel it is necessary.