Hydroponic greenhouses are an inorganic method of cultivation, where the plants are growing in the water instead of soil. The gravel is spread to supports the roots of the plants. It also balances the mixed nutrients to feed the plants through the water. The hydroponic greenhouses are more productive than the other types of greenhouses.

It is really beneficial to the farmers to get more yields in a single harvest. The experts say that the productivity of the hydroponics greenhouse is 4 to 6 times more than the other types of green houses. The chemical fertilizers create big success in hydroponics greenhouse rather than the usual potting soil or organic fertilizers.

It is recommended that gardeners should use organic fertilizers instead of inorganic fertilizers. By doing so, the gardeners can avoid poisoning of the soil. The chemicals used should be used only under controlled conditions. Otherwise they are sure to spoil the soil.

With the use of chemicals there is a possibility of the gravel beds getting destroyed. If a person who is eating the food comes to know that the food he is eating is from hydroponic greenhouses that use inorganic fertilizer then it would be difficult for him to eat that food. The person?s mindset is found to be affected when he thinks of that. However it is found that the plants absorb the fertilizer in an organic state only.

Studies have revealed that the nutrients that that plants take are converted into soluble form for the plant?s roots to absorb it. It is found that the role of the microorganisms in the conversion process is essential. It is found that the micro organisms convert the organic state of the fertilizers to inorganic state.

Proper feeding of the soil with organic fertilizer is essential for proper maintenance of the soil in the long run. If you start using chemical fertilizes the micro organisms in the soil would definitely die and there is a need to use the chemical fertilizers continuously if you want to grow the plants.

In hydroponic gardening the plants do not need the soil. Instead they need the exact dosage of nutrients for expediting their growth. To meet the growing demand of the population in the world nowadays chemicals are used to grow the crops. Experts realize that the use of chemicals for crops is spoiling the environment. However to sustain the production to meet the ever increasing demands there is a need for that.