Having a farm is not just about plantation and harvest. There is a lot of work to be done to provide the proper nutrients to the plants and protect the plants from disease, pests, and the weather. With the consideration of the difficulties to take of the numerous plants in wide area, the scientists have come up with better ideas.

This plan is that to grow the crops in a controlled environment, which makes easy to grow the crops throughout the year. The achievement of the studies and research has developed the greenhouse to cultivate in a controlled atmosphere with out the consideration of weather changes.

A greenhouse is an enclosed chamber that is usually made up of metal, wood, glass, or plastic. The person can buy the kit and have it assembled in the farm or have it custom made, according to certain specifications. This new method has produced better results than doing the farming in the non-organic way like using the sewage, pesticides, and herbicides, which is harmful to the human body.

The farmers rely on freestanding greenhouses than the attaching greenhouses. The freestanding greenhouses can be accommodated anywhere as per the desire of the farmer. The farmer can select a good location, where adequate sunlight and good air circulation is available to help the plants grow.

The most important thing is that the greenhouse is standing on the frame. Developers have made versions of using wood, metal, glass, aluminum, and plastic. The farmer can use any of these or have one that is a combination of any of these materials. Your selection must be depending on your budget and the weather conditions of your area.

While selecting the frame you must be aware about the durability of the material used for the construction and it must be having the capability to withstand during the natural calamities, if there is any. The basic needs of the plants are the good environment, water, sunlight, air, and nutrients. The greenhouse technology is offering all the facilities to the plants, due to which the farmer can get back the maximum from his cultivation.

The availability of sunlight is depends on the material used for the construction of panel. Thee glass, Plexiglas, and film type plastic products are transparent and allowing the sunlight inside the chamber. The plastic film is also having the quality to filter the sunlight to reduce the ultra-violet radiation effect. The climate is changing and that is something that the people cannot stop.

The effects of El Ni¤o and La Ni¤a have made by the weather is a challenge to the farmers must face.To save the plants and the farmer from all these challenges we can get the help of greenhouse with strong frame and panel