The people were doing their cultivation on the land and they use to feed the water and nutrients to the plants for the growth. Now the demand for fruits, vegetables and other type of foods has got increased and the human has searched to find the better way for cultivating the crop plants, in a better manner and to increase the productivity to match with the demand.

The research and development has detected many ways for the cultivation, which also were not successful due to the affect of pests and other diseases influenced on the plants.The people have taken the help of chemicals to get rid of pests and other diseases to help the plants to grow.

However, the use of chemical has found as harmful to the human body and the people compelled to go back to the organic way of plantation. The technology has been developed and found the way to increase the productivity of the plants without jeopardize the health of people and the environment. The developed way of farming is named greenhouse technology, where the plants are growing in a closed chamber with out the consideration of natural weather conditions.

The greenhouse technology is also having two ways to cultivate the plants that are on the soil or in the water, called as hydroponics farming. Water is an ingredient for the growth of the plant and the nutrients must feed for the healthy growth and productivity of the plant. The technology has developed to grow the plants in the water and all the necessary nutrients will feed through water by dilution.

The greenhouse is a closed chamber with controlled environment, which helps the plants to grow through out the year. The hydroponics technology has proved that it is more productive than the plants growing in the soil. To prove how effective it is, scientists made a comparative study on the growth of tomatoes. One batch used soil and produced ten tons.

The other batch used hydroponics technology and the production was unbelievable, 60 tons of product. This shows that this method can produce six times more than traditional farming.Some crops will be able to produce more than the others will; the length of the time to harvest is still faster than the old method, which gives a faster turn around for farmers.

The farmer no need have to check and pull out weeds or look for diseases, which are normally happen in the soil cultivation. The greenhouse technology having many advantages that the requirements like light rays, air, heat, and humidity can be produced and provided artificially.

The different methods of hydroponics are:

One method is called deep-water culture. The roots of the plants will be raised in the air and a pump releases air out to make it grow. This is ideal for grapes and other crops that grow in this manner. Another method is very similar to deep water culture is aeroponics. The plants will be raised in the air and nutrients will mix in the form fog or mist and feeding to the plants.

One of the nicest things about hydroponics gardening is that it does not need more space, which allows the person to set up a greenhouse in the backyard. The requirements are water in containers, tubes to reuse the water, strong lamps for artificial light and some organic nutrients that are available at the gardening store.