A plant newly potted plants must be fertilized to grow new roots to absorb and supply to the plant for its immediate growth. How to fertilize and what type of fertilizer you must use is depending up on the kinds of plants you are growing in your greenhouse. Since, each plant has its own quality to absorb the required quantity of nutrients.

More fertilizer will spoil the health of the plant and it will encourage the wild plants to grow in your greenhouse. Some plants may in need of frequent fertilizing and some does not. So it is must to know about the requirement of plants, you have cultivated.

The fertilizers having considerable amount of nitrogen (50 percent) and that carry the preferred amount of nitrate, which is usually labeled and identified as “peat – lit”. The N-P-K ratio, mentioned on every bag, must be verified, which ratio analysis the similarity to “1-2-1”, which will supply a balanced growth.

The fertilizer like “21-5-20” or “20-10-20” is usually applied at the ratio of “200 ppm nitrogen” and this ratio is the basis for most of the pot grown “greenhouse plants”. Soluble fertilizers are convenient to apply and give immediate results compared to solid fertilizers or “slow release” gravel-type fertilizers.

Make sure that the plant soil is slightly moist before applying the fertilizer. You should never apply the fertilizer solution on to the plants when the soil is dry, which may injure the roots by the chemicals; moisturized soil will further dilute the chemicals.You must apply weaker dose of fertilizer and should never apply stronger solution, which will injure the young and soft roots.

A mixture of floramicro, florabloom and floragro are the recommended fertilizer products, which make a wide range of many different nutrients to fulfill the specific requirement of any kind of plants that you grow, and at different stages of the plants life.

Calcium Nitrate in Greenhouse Grade and Hydro-Gro is also known as great combination to achieve complete nutrient blend. Your attention is most important to take care of the plants. Check every day for the pests, insects, and treat, if there is any. Enjoy and make this as your habit of taking care of your plants