Greenhouses have become most popular in plant cultivation. They allow the cultivation of plants in places, which could grow these plants normally. There are many factors, which is effective for the development of plants, inside a greenhouse. The balanced air circulation, ventilation, humidity, shading and heating will provide a most favorable environment to the plants.

Misting – Another factor is that the prevention of overheating in the greenhouse by providing good ventilation and shading. However, proper misting or the control of humidity is also an important factor, which maintains a comfortable environment for the growth of plants.

Misting is one process to create the moisture inside the greenhouse. The amount of moisture, which is necessary to be maintained in the greenhouse, is depend up on several factors such as the amount of heat and ventilation that is existing inside. The thumb rule says that, every 10 square-ft of area, there must be 1-2 gallons/hour of moisture. A misting system can effectively distribute moisture regularly to all the parts of the greenhouse.

Misting systems is use to disperse water in an ultra fine. The size of the droplet is depending on the type and size of the nozzle. Misting systems are useful for many other applications besides its normal greenhouse tasks. It is being used for dust suppression, static electricity control, and concrete curing.

Misting systems consists of a continuous duty pumps, which is designed to sprinkle water for five minutes and now the noise-free pumps is also available for the convenience of the farmer. Misting systems with electronic automatic controller is developed for the convenience of farmers. It can be programmed the mist for 1-14 times a day with each mist filling will ranging from 1 minute to 24 minutes.

Nozzles are made of brass and plastic materials. The plastic nozzles can tolerate the attack of minerals and can repel lime and other deposits. The evaporative cooler also can serve the purpose of increasing the humidity.

It will spray the water to decrease the temperature to 16 to 20 degree and then evaporates to generate the mist. More humidity is not good for the growth of the plant and it must control to the required level. The instrument, which can measure humidity, is also very useful for greenhouse maintenance