The greenhouse is designed for the plant cultivation in favorable environment, created artificially. The space of the greenhouse is restricted and it is in an enclosed structure. The requirements of plants may be or may not be known factor for you.

If not you have to enquire and gather the knowledge to take care of the plants you are going to cultivate in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is not at all depending on natural climate and we have to create the suitable environment with all the necessities of plants, inside the greenhouse, artificially.

The change in temperature may affect the growth of the plants and we have to maintain the controlled temperature inside the greenhouse to help the plant to stabilize the way of growth. The regular watering and fertilization is the known factor for everybody and you have to follow as per the requirements of the plants. The next important factor is that the light rays, which is the media for the photosynthesis process on the leaves and the process is called as life process of the plant.

The sun light is the most power full light rays to fulfill the requirement of the plant. However, in the winter season, the sun appears for very short period and the plants may not be getting sufficient light rays for its life process. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the light rays artificially for the growth of the plants.
Many kind of lighting fixtures are available in the market and you have to select the fixture, which will suit the requirement of your greenhouse. Before selecting the lighting fixture, you must be aware about the area of your greenhouse and the amount of luminous intensity is required to provide sufficient light rays for the plants.

The lighting fixtures are different like incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, mercury vapor lamp, sodium vapor lamp, and neon lamps. The lights are available in different colors also. The light rays may not be required for entire day; even then, the lighting fixture must be suitable for 24 hours every day.

The different colors may be good for the flower plants and it is possible to provide the light rays in different colors. The light rays of sun are the combination of different colors. The electrical lighting fixtures will produce the heat and that may affect the climate of the chamber. Therefore, you select the lamps, which will produce less heat and more light energy.Select the best and provide the required amount of energy for the growth of the plant and maximum productivity