A greenhouse may help to shorten the growing period of the plants. This allows a person to harvest the crop earlier than the usual period he would normally wait. If the person is having proper planning for the maintenance of the greenhouse and he is ready to attend his plant every day through out the year, the plants will grow healthy and the productivity of the plants will definitely be increased.

The germination status of each plant could turn out for the better. A greenhouse has the capacity to control the amount of sunlight required by the plants and we have to maintain the inside temperature and the humidity, by the necessary equipment, that will ensure the plants to have healthier and an increased productivity.

Supplies and accessories:-

The main considerable factors of a greenhouse, for the healthy growth of the plants are the friendly atmosphere, warmed environment, availability of sufficient air, sunlight, temperature, humidity, and water. We have to maintain the above needs with the help of some greenhouse supplies like heater, humidifier, watering system, lights, ventilation, and circulation fan.

The shelves and benches also can be included in the list as it is very much useful for keeping the potting and the benches for relaxation to the workers.The heater is very important equipment to maintain the heat through out the year.

The winter may affect the atmospheric temperature considerably and we have to create the warmed environment, inside the greenhouse, to encourage the plant growth. The heater is the equipment to warm-up the inside air.

The humidifier is also necessary to maintain the humidity, inside the chamber. The humidity is a more important factor is to be maintained and provided to the plants. Few percentage will get produced by the water distributed in the soil and the heat produced in the chamber, however, you have to be equipped with humidifier to maintain the required level.

The circulation fan is another required supply to circulate the warmed air to all the places of the chamber and it is also useful for the drawing the fresh air from the atmosphere.The ventilation system is also necessary to maintain the required level of temperature.

The temperature will be more during the summer and we should have the provision to keep it balanced. The ventilation system is very useful to reduce the temperature level and can be maintained the balanced level.

The watering system for the regular watering, lighting system during the winter season, the shelves for keeping the potting and tools and the benches for the relaxation of workers are the main supplies of a greenhouse to fulfill the requirements of the plants to grow healthy.

Other optional supplies and accessories, he may add to his greenhouse, are the automatic plant misting system, soil sterilization supplies, thermometers, special shelving systems, shelters and shades with roof ventilation, plant lighting tools, and humidity gauges. All these supplies may have their own use in a greenhouse.