The greenhouses are be built in different types as you wish or many kind of greenhouses are available with suppliers. The varieties of greenhouses are like detached green houses, Quonset green houses, Ridge green houses and Cabled greenhouses. The detached greenhouse stands independently from each other and it can be attached to save the area.

The Quonset is especially meant for commercial plantation and this is a detached type with solid end wall to support the greenhouse. The Quonset is suitable to grow many varieties of crops, but the productivity has been reduced due to its sidewall. The ridge green house is combined one and the trench has been provided between each other.

The type of construction of Ridge green houses can be curved or gabled. The convenience of gabled construction is the easiness of providing the protection cover by glass or fiber material. Polycarbonates or polyethylene covers are provided for curved arch type greenhouses. The selection of type of greenhouse and the material used for growing are the main factors of productivity and efficiency of a greenhouse.

The proper planning is most important before putting up a greenhouse, to make it profitable. He must attentive the requirement of his greenhouse and search for the availability of all of them, before selecting the area. He has to think about the convenience of transportation of required materials to his greenhouse and he has to take away the product to the suppliers place.

Also should think about the availability of water, electricity and the availability of labors to serve for him in a minimum cost. The selected land should have sufficient area for the future expansion based on the business growth. The crop and its growing period is to be considered and also to be enquired about the style of plantation, the growing media, method of growing, annual productivity and the possibilities of marketing of the product.

There are some legal restrictions to put up the greenhouse based on human health living around the greenhouse area. So the suitable zone must be selected after consulting with the concerned departments. The selected area must be free from any industrial pollution. The possibility of water drainage has also to be considered, while selecting the place. The proper and perfect assessment is the most important before starting any assignments to make it beneficial.