The farming in open area is risky due to the weather change and natural calamities. Sometimes the farmer may lose completely sometimes he may gain fully, because it is absolutely depends the natural climate and weather.

To save the farmer from this unbelievable cultivation manner the experts has developed the greenhouse to cultivate any plant without considering the natural climate and weather conditions. The environment of greenhouse can control as per the requirement of the plants and plants can grow healthy, by which the productivity of the plant can be increased.

The greenhouse is made of two effective divisions. The first one is the frame, the foundation and next is the panels. Both of these divisions are designed to keep the warm environment, inside the greenhouse, which is essential for the maximum growth of the plants.

The structure of greenhouse can make by any material like plastic, glass, metal, wood etc. However, the most preferred materials are the plastic and fiber that are weather proof and strong. The Panels serve the purpose of the roof and the walls of greenhouse.

In summer season, the sunrays may be hotter and may not be required by the plants. In that season, the chamber can be covered to protect the plants from the sunstroke. According to experts, the required amount of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun is about 70-75% and more amounts is very much to harmful to the plants.

There are three kinds of panels.

The most common panels are made of glass. This does not provide enough protection to the plants from the sun’s rays and the manufacturers compelled to try with other materials to make the panels.

The next is plastic – Fiberglass, polyester or acrylic and polycarbonate materials can use for the production of the panels. Those are weatherproof and can withstand hailstorms, heavy snow, balls and rocks that may fall on the greenhouse. These will allow the right amount of sun light for the plants.

The third one is the use of film that is placed on top of the panel. Polyethylene and polyester are the two kinds of films normally used to provide adequate protection from the sun. The plants are in need of water, air and sunlight for its life process, known as photosynthesis is essential for plant growth. The right panels should be used to ensure the controlled environment of the greenhouse required for the plants healthy growth