The gardeners and crop cultivators are in need of their plantation to be done through out the year, as a habit or for the benefits from the business. However, the growth of the plants are directly connected with the weather conditions. Some plants may not be withstanding the cool atmosphere and some may not the hot atmosphere.

So the farmers have to consider the weather for the plantation and they cannot do it regardless of season. The above reasons are the basic reasons for the research and development centre to create the greenhouses or greenhouse facilities.
A greenhouse is an enclosed structure made of glass or plastic that stores the created warmness inside forever and helping the plants to grow in favorable environment, through out the year. The required heat can be produced artificially by using heaters, and allows to get stored inside for warming up the environment.

The glass or plastic can use for the construction of greenhouses, which are specially designed to have light rays transmission qualities and allows the sunrays inside the greenhouse for the growth of the plant. The greenhouse will provide a warm atmosphere inside, and in effect, it warms the plants and the soil. A greenhouse will not allow the temperature to escape from the chamber, however it is provided with ventilations to release the over heat.

The general idea of a greenhouse is to protect temperature and climate sensitive plants from extreme shifts in temperature, either too hot or too cold. Maintaining a greenhouse has its own share of toil. For a start, it must regulate heat and humidity inside the greenhouse. Other factors are to be considered like watering for the plants, light, and the protection from the pests and diseases.

The greenhouse is made for giving all needs of the plants every day, through out the year and the greenhouse can be called as evergreen chamber for the plantation. The greenhouse has provided the utmost relief to the gardeners and crop cultivators, who are eager to grow their plant through out the year. The greenhouses is the only to for cultivate the plants where, the climates are harsh and cruel for plants.