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Portable Greenhouse – An Excellent Alternative for Gardening

The portable greenhouse is an excellent alternative with in small space and low budget. A portable greenhouse is a huge space saver and it is designed with screened doors and screened ventilation that allow the fresh air distribution within the structure.

The vents can open in order to allow the outside air to inside the structure as a preparation for transplanting the plants to an outdoor environment. The portable greenhouse kit is also like other greenhouse kits that the vents are closed, the portable greenhouse become a waterproof structure to sustain the temperature and humidity levels at a high rate, which is most important for the growth of plants.

The portable greenhouse is a rigid construction with use of UV resistant material that is treated to protect against rips or tears. The openings can fasten together with the use of either Velcro snaps or zipper enclosure. The zipper design can be joined together using an exclusive interlocking zipper-system that can create an extended handy hothouse to accommodate more gardening.