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How Does Greenhouse Humidification Work

The humidity and sun light is directly proportional to the life process of the plant and it is known as photosynthesis process. The influence of humidity and sun light stimulate the leave and branches for the correct and balanced distribution of carbon dioxide in the plant and boosting the healthy growth of the plant.

The greenhouse technology has developed and adopted by the world due to its merits to cultivate the crops through out the year with out the consideration of natural climate changes. The factors are to be taken care of by the greenhouse cultivator is to keep the inside climate friendly to the plants growing in the greenhouse. The friendly atmosphere to the plants means the right level of temperature, humidity, required light rays, moisture level for the roots and sufficient air circulation.

The greenhouse environment must be evergreen for every season through out the year. The temperature is the main factor to regulate the humidity and moisture and it is most important to maintain the temperature in required level forever. The chamber environment must be protected to maintaining the energy balance in the greenhouse, as it is very essential for the growth of the plants.