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Hoop House Greenhouse

The hoop houses are generally made of galvanized steel. The galvanized steel is low maintenance, very sturdy and rust free. The Hoop houses are regulated by the natural resources like sun, atmospheric air etc.

The hoop house does not need any equipment to create and control the temperature; it is being warmed by the sun and cooled by the wind. The ventilation can be provided by lifting the door. So the hoop house is very cost effective way of cultivating plants in a greenhouse.

Hoop house is built by sturdy frames, which are designed to withstand heavy winds and the cruel effects of snowing. So the hoop house is suitable to built any place without considering winds, snow falls etc.

The construction of a hoop house is very simple and having many, advantages like –

Availability of more growing time – A hoop house – greenhouse will offer more time [3 to 4 months] to cultivate the favorite plants.