The hoop houses are generally made of galvanized steel. The galvanized steel is low maintenance, very sturdy and rust free. The Hoop houses are regulated by the natural resources like sun, atmospheric air etc.

The hoop house does not need any equipment to create and control the temperature; it is being warmed by the sun and cooled by the wind. The ventilation can be provided by lifting the door. So the hoop house is very cost effective way of cultivating plants in a greenhouse.

Hoop house is built by sturdy frames, which are designed to withstand heavy winds and the cruel effects of snowing. So the hoop house is suitable to built any place without considering winds, snow falls etc.

The construction of a hoop house is very simple and having many, advantages like –

Availability of more growing time – A hoop house – greenhouse will offer more time [3 to 4 months] to cultivate the favorite plants.

Inexpensive way to cultivate – Hoop house greenhouses is an inexpensive way to cultivating the crops.

Crop protection from predators and extreme weather conditions – The construction of hoop house greenhouses is very strong and it can withstand and protect the plants from different adverse conditions, brought by weather and different crop predators.

It provides sturdy and efficient covering for the plants against these factors.More varieties of plants can be grown The advantage of longer growing period of the hoop houses will help the farmer to cultivate more varieties of plants in the hoop houses.
Increased income and savings – Different kind of crops like fruits and vegetables, can cultivate in a hoop house, by which the farmer can earn more and he can take it for his own use to save the cost of purchase from out side market.

The reasons for choosing the hoop houses are:-

A] The farmer can recover the cost of building his hoop houses with in a single season of plantation.

B] No need of any permission for building up a hoop houses, because it is not considered as permanent structure.

C] Hoop houses allow the extended growing period by using several other accessories. It usually extends the period for 4 months, by adding layers of insulating film and an inflation blower.

D] Hoop houses are quite tall and gardeners can use the vertical space to be able to plant more crops.

E] The traditional hoop houses are built-in door and a couple of windows for ventilation. If it not provided you can modify your hoop house in terms of the providing the doors and windows.

F] If the season of the fruits and vegetable are over your hoop house can be used as chicken coop if you installs poultry netting. It is useful to grow the orchids or other ornamental plants.

G] It is very easy to relocate the hoop house, without dismantling the structure.

These greenhouses are very economical.