It is mind breaking and discouraging, if any farmer is not able to overcome the affected problem and repeating the same again. He may take a drastic step to sell off the farm, if he is not advised the ideas to make it profitable. The decision to sale the farm may not be preferable to his family.

In that, conditions he has to adopt the way of treating the plants with pesticides and herbicides, even then the same kind pest may come affect the plants repeatedly in every year.

He may have to think something different or the research experts may advise him to go for a purchase of a new farm. The best step will be to think about to provide the shield and to aware about the right fertilizers. The sun light is most important and you have to give the way to sunrays, through out the year.

Now your greenhouse is ready to grow the crops in a stabilized and enclosed atmosphere with out any botheration of pests. The enclosure of shield can be of plastic, glass or fiber. The farmer has to select the area and size of the land to build up his greenhouse.

Actually, the greenhouse idea is developed for growing the plant; however, the experience has taught us that it is suitable to grow variety of plants. The years of experience shows that the output is ten times more than the custom based farming. The farmer also has concentrated in greenhouse development, where they can earn more profit than their traditional farming.

The research and development centers has developed various ways to do the greenhouse and gained the popularity. The structures are selective depend up on the area and weather. The freestanding models and panel type models also has been developed. The result of greenhouse is appretiatable, particularly in winter season.

Building up a greenhouse or purchase it is not only the capability of the farmer but the main thing is that the farmer must be aware about the treatments, to be given for plants for growth and to protect it from pests, for which the required equipments are available in market. Purchase is the more advisable; where you can take back your investment very soon. You have to select the suitable structure, which will match to the weather of your area