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Greenhouse Kits for Plant Enthusiasts

Greenhouses are in use for cultivating different kinds of plants for different kind of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other ornamental plants. The concept of greenhouse is to create and maintain a favorable climate for the growth of the plant.

The greenhouse is in enclosed form to maintain the warm inside and to protect the plants from natural weather conditions. The construction of enclosure is made of Steel; Aluminium; glass; plastic or wood and it is acting like a blanket for the plants. The walls and the roof of the green house retain the warmed air and support the plants for healthy growth.
The greenhouse prevents the convection and prevents the heated air from escape from the chamber. Compared to outdoors cultivation, the requirements are more in greenhouse for the effective plantation / cultivation. Special care is necessary to prevent pests and diseases. The greenhouse temperature should be in control for giving the optimum conducive environment to the plants for their growth. There are many greenhouse kits available to put up their own greenhouses for commercial cultivation or as a plain hobby.

Sunshine Greenhouse Kits are enclosed with fantastic red wood. This kind of greenhouse kit has polycarbonate insulations for covering the plants. Another quality of the sunshine greenhouse kits are availability of space (normally 10 feet tall) and easy to install. It’s cost raging from thousand dollars to around four thousand dollars.

Cross Country Greenhouse Kits are high quality greenhouses having many modified options like those that the greenhouse is made of aluminum, which provides sturdy support, and protection from weather conditions to the greenhouse. That is also with doors, screened windows, and automatic ventilation system. That is costing from $2,500 to $30,000 dollars and its cost itself shows the quality of the greenhouse.

Little Greenhouse is greenhouses are an economy greenhouse for the people who would like to enter in plant cultivation. The little kit comes with the structures, which can protect the plants from ultra-violet rays. The frame is made of PCV and covered by polyethylene. This type of greenhouse provides most favorable environment for plant cultivation and this kit is recommended for beginners.

Juliana greenhouse kits is with rust-free frames made of aluminum and a poly-carbonate twin-wall covering which provides cultivators with a long term enjoyment with very affordable price as low as 65 dollars.Portable green house kit is very inexpensive and very easy to assemble and dismantling. It is suitable for seasonal gardening because of its easy dismantling feature and stores them away when they are no longer needed.

They come with one of the most durable coverings, which are made of steel structure with plastic film. It is also having with a build-in door and screened windows. They also have storage bags and the price is only 300 dollars.Hobby Gardener greenhouse kits are covered by original “snap glass” panels.

These panels have the clarity, the sturdiness, and durability possessed by polycarbonate. It is shaped by barn-like roof, which provides more area for plants and also facilitated with hinged-doors and ventilators. The price of this model varies from thousand to two thousand dollars.You can select any model, which will serve your purpose.

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The Purposes of Hydroponics Greenhouses

Hydroponic greenhouses are an inorganic method of cultivation, where the plants are growing in the water instead of soil. The gravel is spreaded to supports the roots of the plants. It also balances the mixed nutrients to feed the plants through the water. The hydroponic greenhouses are more productive than the other types of greenhouses.

It is really beneficial to the farmers to get more yields in a single harvest. The experts say that the productivity of the hydroponics greenhouse is 4 to 6 times more than the other types of green houses. The chemical fertilizers create big success in hydroponics greenhouse rather than the usual potting soil or organic fertilizers.
It is recommended that gardeners should use organic fertilizers instead of inorganic fertilizers. By doing so, the gardeners can avoid poisoning of the soil. The chemicals used should be used only under controlled conditions. Otherwise they are sure to spoil the soil.

With the use of chemicals there is a possibility of the gravel beds getting destroyed. If a person who is eating the food comes to know that the food he is eating is from hydroponic greenhouses that use inorganic fertilizer then it would be difficult for him to eat that food. The person?s mindset is found to be affected when he thinks of that. However it is found that the plants absorb the fertilizer in an organic state only.

Studies have revealed that the nutrients that that plants take are converted into soluble form for the plant?s roots to absorb it. It is found that the role of the microorganisms in the conversion process is essential. It is found that the micro organisms convert the organic state of the fertilizers to inorganic state.

Proper feeding of the soil with organic fertilizer is essential for proper maintenance of the soil in the long run. If you start using chemical fertilizes the micro organisms in the soil would definitely die and there is a need to use the chemical fertilizers continuously if you want to grow the plants.

In hydroponic gardening the plants do not need the soil. Instead they need the exact dosage of nutrients for expediting their growth. To meet the growing demand of the population in the world nowadays chemicals are used to grow the crops. Experts realize that the use of chemicals for crops is spoiling the environment. However to sustain the production to meet the ever increasing demands there is a need for that.

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Choosing the Right Greenhouse Design

The greenhouse assures the protection of plants during all kinds of weather and the maximum out put from the cultivated plants. If you are interested in gardening, you have the choice to go for a green house.

The design of the greenhouse is your choice, however if the area experiences heavy snow falls during the winter, it is not advisable to select a flat or straight roof design, because the roof will allow the snow to slide off easily.
The curved or peaked roof greenhouse design will suit at the area, where heavy snow falls experiencing. The greenhouse design is available to accommodate in limited area and it is known as lean-to or home design. The lean-to design is most preferred design as its convenience for watering and power supply distribution.

Greenhouse designs:

  1. Gable greenhouse. This design is shaped triangular and will have to attach with any wall or any structure. It is having the sidewalls to attach each other and flat roof with slight slop.
  2. Barn style greenhouse. This design is one of the bigger designs having more space to accommodate more plants. It is having wide roof and sidewalls, which can be incorporated in a garden of country setting or theme or a rustic garden appeal. It can be attached with other greenhouse.
  3. Dome greenhouse. It is a freestanding design and equal to the design of a dome. This has to be placed directly on land. This design does not have the sidewalls and it is not suitable to attach with any other structure.
  4. Gothic style greenhouse. This design is shaped as historical gothic appearance. The walls and roof designed to create a continuous form and permit snow to fall down easily. It can be either the attached type or freestanding. The attached type of this design is usually not recommended, however it can attach if your home is designed similar to the gothic design.
  5. Hoop greenhouse. This design is constructed with metal or PVC pipes to make the hoop’s shape and enclosed with plastic covering. This design is very cheapest in cost and helps you to reduce the initial investments. However, you have to spend for the replacement; the cover (plastic) will be additional in your greenhouse running cost.

You can find many of greenhouses are made of aluminum material, which is weatherproof and lightweight. Galvanized steel construction also is strong and full proof design. Wood can also be used, but the necessary chemical treatments to be given to make it weather resistant. The thing is that you have to consider the strength and stability of structure other than anything else, while selecting the greenhouse.

The greenhouse construction must be able to bear extreme weather conditions, like high velocity winds and heavy snowfalls. It should have the facility to accommodate the tools and potting and it must support for produce lights. The ventilation facility also must be provided.

Keep in mind that costs is depend up on the size of the greenhouse, however the further expansions can later be added when you feel it is necessary.

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How to Build Your Own Greenhouse

Every human mind is having the desire to build up their own greenhouse and they are having their own plans and ideas regarding the facilities. The concerned will search for the design to match with his ideas and requirements that will result a green house to the utmost satisfaction of the concerned.

It is difficult to explain the mental relaxation of the person, while he attends his garden and vegetable cultivation. He will enjoy whenever he visit the greenhouse, where he has made use of his entire attempt to build such an amazing greenhouse.
The small greenhouse with natural arts will look more attractive and this factor will help the person to save the investments for building up the greenhouse. It is his choice to search and find the necessary materials on low cost to match with his financial plans. More area results bigger and superior greenhouse. The area is an important factor, while developing a greenhouse to expansion, whenever he wants to do more plantation and vegetable cultivation.

While planning for a greenhouse, he may have think about many factors for building up the greenhouse and expansion in future. The greenhouse must be sufficient in area to cultivate and grow more plants. We can propose some guidelines to help you for build up your own greenhouse.

  1. If he is planning for a bigger greenhouse, he must plan for using the salvage materials to reduce the cost for building up the greenhouse and helps to decrease the operating cost, which he has to spend for the supply of other materials as required.
  2. The place and climate is the important factors to build up a greenhouse. The cold climate area is most preferable to protect your plants from sunstroke. If the place is hot, there may be an additional requirement of providing the shadow protection to your plants.
  3. The greenhouse area must be in rich in air circulation and the soil has to be free from any annoyance. He must be well equipped to give necessary heat to the plants in winter season and with humidity controlling devices. He is responsible to make a suitable atmosphere, depends on the types of plants, for developing the green house.
  4. The availability of sunrays is most important for your plant and you must choose the place, where your plants can get sufficient sun light. Western and eastern regions are more suitable to build up a green house due to the availability of sun light and he can build up an extra-ordinary greenhouse in these areas.
  5. The plastic material will get spoiled within a short period, due to which it is not advisable to use for shading. It is better to use the glass or fiberglass for shade, as it is transparent to give sun light to the plants.
  6. The another factor is foundation. The lightweight unstructured materials like rail shoes, is being used by many to make the foundation to their greenhouse with the consideration of less cost. However, the advisable material is concrete to give strong and secured foundation to your greenhouse.
  7. The equipments for watering, heating, de-moisturing and ventilation may have to be accommodated to take care of his plants, in his greenhouse, as the part of development. It is also possible to accommodate the things for his relaxation during the plant treating activities.
  8. It is must to take care of your plants from the insects for the betterment of your greenhouse. Therefore, you are advised to remove and keep away the insects affected plants from your greenhouse avoid spread of insects to other plants. You may have to do the chemical spray to all of your plants to protect it from the insects.
  9. You have to allot some place in your greenhouse to accommodate your tools and potting soil for your easiness for plantation and plant management.

Developing a greenhouse along with your family and friends is more pleasing and it provides the perfect satisfaction for your efforts. It is your choice to select different kind of plants to grow in your green house. The density of plants will be increased by the grown plants

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How Does Greenhouse Humidification Work

The humidity and sun light is directly proportional to the life process of the plant and it is known as photosynthesis process. The influence of humidity and sun light stimulate the leave and branches for the correct and balanced distribution of carbon dioxide in the plant and boosting the healthy growth of the plant.

The greenhouse technology has developed and adopted by the world due to its merits to cultivate the crops through out the year with out the consideration of natural climate changes. The factors are to be taken care of by the greenhouse cultivator is to keep the inside climate friendly to the plants growing in the greenhouse. The friendly atmosphere to the plants means the right level of temperature, humidity, required light rays, moisture level for the roots and sufficient air circulation.
The greenhouse environment must be evergreen for every season through out the year. The temperature is the main factor to regulate the humidity and moisture and it is most important to maintain the temperature in required level forever. The chamber environment must be protected to maintaining the energy balance in the greenhouse, as it is very essential for the growth of the plants.

The heat and humidity parameters are having influence in the photo tropical and photosynthetic process of the plants. The growth of various plants like vegetables, exotic fruits, flowering plants, orchids, and others in the greenhouse is in need of their own warming and cooling depending up on the climate changes. The most important aspects of a greenhouse are the proper Lighting, balanced humidification, and cooling systems.

Which generate different effects in the growth of the plant. Evaporative coolers can help the greenhouse to achieve the above conditions by its quality to sustaining the humidity and temperature. The unbalanced state of humidity may not be controlled to the perfect required value; even then, all the plants got their own capabilities to adjust to the essential level.

The photosynthesis process is known as the life triggering action of the plant, where the plant needs the sun light and balanced humidity of greenhouse. The required sunlight depends on the seasons. It is better to go for a cooler systems and humidifying systems to maintain a balanced atmosphere inside the greenhouse. This process is also useful during the winter seasons, where sunlight may possibly be inadequate. The heating systems and proper ventilation also should be considered to maintain a balanced life process for the greenhouse plants

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Thinking of Buying a Used Greenhouse?

Farming is not easy especially, especially for the person, who is new to this field. It is most important to gather the knowledge about the installation, plantation, fertilization, and maintenance of a greenhouse before entering in to this field. The greatest threats are the attack of pests and the diseases, which may destroy the plants. It can be prevented by the use of heavy dose of chemicals, but it cannot be recommended due to its influence on human health.

If the person is interested to have his own greenhouse and discouraged due to the lack of money can wake with the idea of used greenhouse or second hand plant. It is new or old it must be able to do the same function that is to help the farmer to grow the crops in a controlled environment and make money from the business.

He must consider the available area before finalizing the matter with the first owner of the greenhouse. The material used for the construction of the greenhouse is also to be verified and asses whether it is suitable to your area weather conditions. The structure must be able to withstand the weather conditions of the area and it should not deteriorate by the atmospheric chemical reactions.
If the panel is made of Plexiglas or plastic will be your best choice as it is having the quality to filter the ultra-violet rays to the required value of the plants. This will save the money of replacement, as it will not shatter or breaks. You can buy the second hand greenhouse along with the accessories. If you are not willing to buy the second hand accessories, you must procure the new equipments before starting the plantation. You should also attend seminar about farming to keep update on the latest trends.

Buying a second hand greenhouse may speed up the process since it enables the farmer to grow the plants throughout the year. The person can find the availability of second hand greenhouse from the classified ads of the newspaper or through the internet or talking to fellow farmers or from the suppliers. By going around these places first do a comparison to find the right kind that will serve the purpose until a new one can be constructed.

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Equipments you’ll need for a More Productive Greenhouse

Plants need enough heat and sun’s energy to grow. However, some places, located in the northern region of the world cannot fulfill these requirements, due to the weather conditions. Therefore, the farmers in these places took the chance with greenhouse method to cultivate the plants and found as worth and harvested successfully.

The greenhouse is best proven method to grow the plants of all kinds. It is also an ideal venue to implement plant research. Preferably, the sufficient sunlight, heat, humidity, air, and nutrition are to be provided to fulfill the requirements of plants, however, in winter season, the plants may not get necessary heat and light to encourage the growth of the plant. So it is our responsibility to provide the same by creating artificially and it must be controlled through out the year to grow the plants nevertheless of natural climate conditions.
During the summer the heat emission by the sun will be more and may affect the plants life, therefore you have to provide additional covering to reduce the light intensity and heat of sunrays. The humidity is a more important factor to be maintained and provided to the plants. It will get produced by the water distributed in the soil and the heat produced in the chamber.

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure where plants are being cultivated. This structure is usually made of glass or plastic to keep the warmness inside the chamber for the growth of the plants. Different supplies are necessary for the proper maintenance of greenhouse for more productive cultivation

Greenhouse Supplies

There are different supplies required for a greenhouse for effective plantation.
Heating and cooling thermostats. Since temperature is crucial to the efficiency of greenhouse structures, a thermostat is essential to be placed inside the building for controlling the temperature.

The best location to mount the thermostat is the middle of the greenhouse and at plant height.
Vents. Greenhouse temperature and humidity should be controlled to maintain the friendly atmosphere for the plants. therefore, the greenhouse must provided with vents.

The vents will help the greenhouse to get more air and proper temperature during the warm seasons.Circulation fans. It requires for the proper circulation of inside air to distribute the temperature equally for the plants to grow healthier in every area of your greenhouse. These fans are also useful to provide fresh air, inside the greenhouse.

Plant watering systems, Benches and shelving, Lighting system, Thermometers, Ground cover, Cycle timers, and Greenhouse books and reading materials are also includes in the list of supplies of greenhouse.

A] The watering is must and has to do as per the requirement in right time. The watering equipment is very much useful to do the watering without any fail.

B] The Benches and shelving is additional for the relaxation of workers and to keep the tools and potting.

C] Lighting is an unavoidable media and to be provided properly for the life process of the plants.
Thermometers. To maintain the ideal environment conditions, inside the greenhouse, you will have to monitor the different parameters affecting your plants’ growth.

The thermometers are necessary for you to monitor the temperature inside the structure.
Ground cover. Since weeds are known to grow anywhere, it is best to protect your soil from these weeds that carry pests and diseases to plants. Cycle timers.

This is used for automating the equipments, you use in your greenhouse. you can put the cycle timer, which can accurately cycle the equipments switch on and switch off in calibrated time.
Greenhouse books and reading materials.

The knowledge about the greenhouse is essential for anything you do like the cultivation and maintenance of the greenhouse. The books and magazines are available for growing your knowledge regarding the greenhouse cultivation and help you to protect your greenhouses.

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Guidelines for Constructing Your Commercial Greenhouse

The greenhouses are be built in different types as you wish or many kind of greenhouses are available with suppliers. The varieties of greenhouses are like detached green houses, Quonset green houses, Ridge green houses and Cabled greenhouses. The detached greenhouse stands independently from each other and it can be attached to save the area.

The Quonset is especially meant for commercial plantation and this is a detached type with solid end wall to support the greenhouse. The Quonset is suitable to grow many varieties of crops, but the productivity has been reduced due to its sidewall. The ridge green house is combined one and the trench has been provided between each other.
The type of construction of Ridge green houses can be curved or gabled. The convenience of gabled construction is the easiness of providing the protection cover by glass or fiber material. Polycarbonates or polyethylene covers are provided for curved arch type greenhouses. The selection of type of greenhouse and the material used for growing are the main factors of productivity and efficiency of a greenhouse.

The proper planning is most important before putting up a greenhouse, to make it profitable. He must attentive the requirement of his greenhouse and search for the availability of all of them, before selecting the area. He has to think about the convenience of transportation of required materials to his greenhouse and he has to take away the product to the suppliers place.

Also should think about the availability of water, electricity and the availability of labors to serve for him in a minimum cost. The selected land should have sufficient area for the future expansion based on the business growth. The crop and its growing period is to be considered and also to be enquired about the style of plantation, the growing media, method of growing, annual productivity and the possibilities of marketing of the product.

There are some legal restrictions to put up the greenhouse based on human health living around the greenhouse area. So the suitable zone must be selected after consulting with the concerned departments. The selected area must be free from any industrial pollution. The possibility of water drainage has also to be considered, while selecting the place. The proper and perfect assessment is the most important before starting any assignments to make it beneficial.

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Paneling up the Greenhouse

The farming in open area is risky due to the weather change and natural calamities. Sometimes the farmer may lose completely sometimes he may gain fully, because it is absolutely depends the natural climate and weather.

To save the farmer from this unbelievable cultivation manner the experts has developed the greenhouse to cultivate any plant without considering the natural climate and weather conditions. The environment of greenhouse can control as per the requirement of the plants and plants can grow healthy, by which the productivity of the plant can be increased.
The greenhouse is made of two effective divisions. The first one is the frame, the foundation and next is the panels. Both of these divisions are designed to keep the warm environment, inside the greenhouse, which is essential for the maximum growth of the plants.

The structure of greenhouse can make by any material like plastic, glass, metal, wood etc. However, the most preferred materials are the plastic and fiber that are weather proof and strong. The Panels serve the purpose of the roof and the walls of greenhouse.

In summer season, the sunrays may be hotter and may not be required by the plants. In that season, the chamber can be covered to protect the plants from the sunstroke. According to experts, the required amount of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun is about 70-75% and more amounts is very much to harmful to the plants.

There are three kinds of panels.

The most common panels are made of glass. This does not provide enough protection to the plants from the sun’s rays and the manufacturers compelled to try with other materials to make the panels.

The next is plastic – Fiberglass, polyester or acrylic and polycarbonate materials can use for the production of the panels. Those are weatherproof and can withstand hailstorms, heavy snow, balls and rocks that may fall on the greenhouse. These will allow the right amount of sun light for the plants.

The third one is the use of film that is placed on top of the panel. Polyethylene and polyester are the two kinds of films normally used to provide adequate protection from the sun. The plants are in need of water, air and sunlight for its life process, known as photosynthesis is essential for plant growth. The right panels should be used to ensure the controlled environment of the greenhouse required for the plants healthy growth

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Portable Greenhouse – An Excellent Alternative for Gardening

The portable greenhouse is an excellent alternative with in small space and low budget. A portable greenhouse is a huge space saver and it is designed with screened doors and screened ventilation that allow the fresh air distribution within the structure.

The vents can open in order to allow the outside air to inside the structure as a preparation for transplanting the plants to an outdoor environment. The portable greenhouse kit is also like other greenhouse kits that the vents are closed, the portable greenhouse become a waterproof structure to sustain the temperature and humidity levels at a high rate, which is most important for the growth of plants.
The portable greenhouse is a rigid construction with use of UV resistant material that is treated to protect against rips or tears. The openings can fasten together with the use of either Velcro snaps or zipper enclosure. The zipper design can be joined together using an exclusive interlocking zipper-system that can create an extended handy hothouse to accommodate more gardening.

The polycarbonate or polyethylene plastic are the most common materials used for the walls of a portable greenhouse and the roof and framing is made of aluminum. The portable greenhouses are cheaper in cost and the prices start from $ 250 to $ 400.You can enjoy the benefits of a portable greenhouse in extending and protecting the life of your plants during the winter.

Winter season is the ideal time to bring out a portable greenhouse. The portable greenhouse is light in weight, easy detach, & attach, due to which it is easy to relocate from one location to another with the help of two people. The environment inside the greenhouse will always be maintained for the healthy growth of the plant and it is very much useful for the cultivation of transplanting plants, nevertheless of weather conditions.

Many of the portable greenhouse structures, sold in the market, are made of heavy-duty materials, which can withstand the seasonal changes, like rain or winter. In addition, the available sizes for portable greenhouses are as small as 6 feet by 10 feet and can extend to a considerable size of 50 feet by 100 feet. The garden enthusiast can use portable greenhouse to suit their gardening needs due to its less cost and re-locatable features.

Different types of potable greenhouses are available like attaching type and freestanding type. The attaching type can attach with any one of your room and can have the fun with your plants and flowers at any time. The freestanding type can locate anywhere you want and the only thing to be taken care that the availability of the sunlight, which is most essential for the growth of the plants.

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What Makes Up the Greenhouse Structure?

Having a farm is not just about plantation and harvest. There is a lot of work to be done to provide the proper nutrients to the plants and protect the plants from disease, pests, and the weather. With the consideration of the difficulties to take of the numerous plants in wide area, the scientists have come up with better ideas.

This plan is that to grow the crops in a controlled environment, which makes easy to grow the crops throughout the year. The achievement of the studies and research has developed the greenhouse to cultivate in a controlled atmosphere with out the consideration of weather changes.
A greenhouse is an enclosed chamber that is usually made up of metal, wood, glass, or plastic. The person can buy the kit and have it assembled in the farm or have it custom made, according to certain specifications. This new method has produced better results than doing the farming in the non-organic way like using the sewage, pesticides, and herbicides, which is harmful to the human body.

The farmers rely on freestanding greenhouses than the attaching greenhouses. The freestanding greenhouses can be accommodated anywhere as per the desire of the farmer. The farmer can select a good location, where adequate sunlight and good air circulation is available to help the plants grow.

The most important thing is that the greenhouse is standing on the frame. Developers have made versions of using wood, metal, glass, aluminum, and plastic. The farmer can use any of these or have one that is a combination of any of these materials. Your selection must be depending on your budget and the weather conditions of your area.

While selecting the frame you must be aware about the durability of the material used for the construction and it must be having the capability to withstand during the natural calamities, if there is any. The basic needs of the plants are the good environment, water, sunlight, air, and nutrients. The greenhouse technology is offering all the facilities to the plants, due to which the farmer can get back the maximum from his cultivation.

The availability of sunlight is depends on the material used for the construction of panel. Thee glass, Plexiglas, and film type plastic products are transparent and allowing the sunlight inside the chamber. The plastic film is also having the quality to filter the sunlight to reduce the ultra-violet radiation effect. The climate is changing and that is something that the people cannot stop.

The effects of El Ni¤o and La Ni¤a have made by the weather is a challenge to the farmers must face.To save the plants and the farmer from all these challenges we can get the help of greenhouse with strong frame and panel

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5 Essential Commercial Greenhouse Equipments that a Grower Must Have

The greenhouse is more popular U.S.A. and the example for the popularity is Georgia, where the greenhouses have occupied more than 11 million square feet. The demand for the natural products and the developed technologies to protect the plants is the key points for the increase of greenhouses cultivators.

If you are putting up a commercial greenhouse you can satisfied in two ways. The profit from the business and the pleasure, when you see the result of your efforts in your greenhouse are the most enjoyable satisfactions. You can also claim your contribution for the community and environment. Whoever is planning for his own greenhouse he must be well equipped with proper equipments to treat and protect the plants.

  1. The temperature of greenhouse must be controlled to required level in the winter season to increase / stabilize the productivity. The COMMERCIAL HEATER is the most important equipment; he should always keep at his greenhouse. It must be portable to take into every part of greenhouse. The proper heating to the plants in the winter season will boost the productivity of the plant.
  2. The greenhouse staging objects to carry the products are to be heavy duty and hard wearing, as it has to be transported from the greenhouse to suppliers end.
  3. The requirement of space will always be more and saving space is most important to avoid the congestion in your greenhouse. It can be achieved by using the seed tray shelf / tray, in any one of the corner of your greenhouse. The use of seed tray will give you more space for cultivate to increase the productivity of your greenhouse.
  4. You are liable to provide the sufficient water to the plants through out the period. It is a difficult task, because of the large area of greenhouse. Therefore, it is must to keep the watering equipments to feed the water as required without any fail.
  5. The thermometer is one of the other requirements of greenhouse to protect the plants from over heat. It is advisable to go for an automatic temperature controller to monitor the heat level.

The above equipments are unavoidable to manage your greenhouse to achieve the expected results and increase the productivity. Therefore, you must plan and procure the above equipments, when you are planning for a greenhouse.

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Hoop House Greenhouse

The hoop houses are generally made of galvanized steel. The galvanized steel is low maintenance, very sturdy and rust free. The Hoop houses are regulated by the natural resources like sun, atmospheric air etc.

The hoop house does not need any equipment to create and control the temperature; it is being warmed by the sun and cooled by the wind. The ventilation can be provided by lifting the door. So the hoop house is very cost effective way of cultivating plants in a greenhouse.

Hoop house is built by sturdy frames, which are designed to withstand heavy winds and the cruel effects of snowing. So the hoop house is suitable to built any place without considering winds, snow falls etc.

The construction of a hoop house is very simple and having many, advantages like –

Availability of more growing time – A hoop house – greenhouse will offer more time [3 to 4 months] to cultivate the favorite plants.

Inexpensive way to cultivate – Hoop house greenhouses is an inexpensive way to cultivating the crops.

Crop protection from predators and extreme weather conditions – The construction of hoop house greenhouses is very strong and it can withstand and protect the plants from different adverse conditions, brought by weather and different crop predators.

It provides sturdy and efficient covering for the plants against these factors.More varieties of plants can be grown The advantage of longer growing period of the hoop houses will help the farmer to cultivate more varieties of plants in the hoop houses.
Increased income and savings – Different kind of crops like fruits and vegetables, can cultivate in a hoop house, by which the farmer can earn more and he can take it for his own use to save the cost of purchase from out side market.

The reasons for choosing the hoop houses are:-

A] The farmer can recover the cost of building his hoop houses with in a single season of plantation.

B] No need of any permission for building up a hoop houses, because it is not considered as permanent structure.

C] Hoop houses allow the extended growing period by using several other accessories. It usually extends the period for 4 months, by adding layers of insulating film and an inflation blower.

D] Hoop houses are quite tall and gardeners can use the vertical space to be able to plant more crops.

E] The traditional hoop houses are built-in door and a couple of windows for ventilation. If it not provided you can modify your hoop house in terms of the providing the doors and windows.

F] If the season of the fruits and vegetable are over your hoop house can be used as chicken coop if you installs poultry netting. It is useful to grow the orchids or other ornamental plants.

G] It is very easy to relocate the hoop house, without dismantling the structure.

These greenhouses are very economical.

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Greenhouse Ideal for Small Areas

The greenhouse is available in different type and different size depends on the budget and available space of the purchaser. The commercial greenhouses, who are cultivating with the aim of business of its products, must be bigger and should have additional space for keeping the potting, tools, equipments, and space for the relaxation of workers.

The person, who is having small area to cultivate the plants, can have small size greenhouse to suit the available space. This mini greenhouse can place anywhere like balcony, portico, backyard, and deck as the typical size is available from 6 square feet. Even it is small, it will also provides the same benefits that the regular greenhouses do.
Mini greenhouse is ideal for those, who are just beginner in the greenhouse cultivation. Before venturing into building a big one, it is best to learn about the greenhouse technology and the necessary maintenance to be done for the growth of the plants. This learning process for beginners can achieve by starting with mini greenhouses.

The decorative plants commonly found inside the greenhouse that can provide a healthy change to the plants by placing them inside the mini greenhouse. This mini structure can offer a humid and warm climate for the growth of the plants. It also provides the required protection of plants from rain, wind, destructive insects, and other pests in the garden.

There are varieties of herbs and delectable vegetables like Swiss chard, spinach, and kale that can grow healthily and successfully in mini-greenhouses for the whole year. Mini greenhouses are also suitable for perennial plants. The greenhouse can protect them from ice, snow, and frost during the winter season.

The well-grown plants, which are become out of danger by the weather changes, can transplant to anywhere you like. It is best to place the mini greenhouse in a location where there is enough sunlight and safe from other outside factors.

Even if you have a large space for accommodating a full-sized greenhouse, having a small one may be more practical to know the way of plantation in greenhouse and taking care process for the growth of the plants. If you are planning is to grow only a few plants, germinate seeds, or provide protection during the colder season, then the mini greenhouse is better one.

The greenhouse – gardening / cultivation can definitely offer lifetime enjoyment to the farmer or gardener because of its quality to take care of the plants and increasing productivity. Since the weight of mini greenhouse is very less it may get damaged by heavy wind or any other heavy external force.

So, it is recommended to go for an attaching type than the freestanding structure.There are also do-it-yourself greenhouse kits available in the market that includes complete instructions and step-by-step guide for a beginner to build a mini greenhouse within no time.

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Thinking of Buying a Greenhouse

It is mind breaking and discouraging, if any farmer is not able to overcome the affected problem and repeating the same again. He may take a drastic step to sell off the farm, if he is not advised the ideas to make it profitable. The decision to sale the farm may not be preferable to his family.

In that, conditions he has to adopt the way of treating the plants with pesticides and herbicides, even then the same kind pest may come affect the plants repeatedly in every year.
He may have to think something different or the research experts may advise him to go for a purchase of a new farm. The best step will be to think about to provide the shield and to aware about the right fertilizers. The sun light is most important and you have to give the way to sunrays, through out the year.

Now your greenhouse is ready to grow the crops in a stabilized and enclosed atmosphere with out any botheration of pests. The enclosure of shield can be of plastic, glass or fiber. The farmer has to select the area and size of the land to build up his greenhouse.

Actually, the greenhouse idea is developed for growing the plant; however, the experience has taught us that it is suitable to grow variety of plants. The years of experience shows that the output is ten times more than the custom based farming. The farmer also has concentrated in greenhouse development, where they can earn more profit than their traditional farming.

The research and development centers has developed various ways to do the greenhouse and gained the popularity. The structures are selective depend up on the area and weather. The freestanding models and panel type models also has been developed. The result of greenhouse is appretiatable, particularly in winter season.

Building up a greenhouse or purchase it is not only the capability of the farmer but the main thing is that the farmer must be aware about the treatments, to be given for plants for growth and to protect it from pests, for which the required equipments are available in market. Purchase is the more advisable; where you can take back your investment very soon. You have to select the suitable structure, which will match to the weather of your area

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Greenhouse Designs: Tips on choosing the Best Design for Your Garden

The greenhouse is suitable to grow the plants through out the year and it is really worth for the money you are spending for it. It is also one way to earn something along with our hobby. Importance of greenhouses is still hidden to many of people as it can give profit to a budding gardener and it brings the benefits to the environment by keeping the ecosystem alive and balanced, Overall.

The greenhouses provides so much of enjoyments, satisfaction, and benefits, which the business people price their creations a little more over the edge. The reasons are many to choose to enter into the idea of greenhouse. The main factor is the initial cost, which is very high which cannot be affordable to the middle class people.

If somebody is willing to enter into the field of greenhouse, he must be well trained regarding the structures, greenhouse accessories, and maintenance of greenhouse. He has to consider many to choose a greenhouse, in which the design is most important and directly proportional with the cost.

Before selecting the design, you have to be prepared with the varieties of plant you are willing to grow and the available area to accommodate the greenhouse. It is necessary to know about the available designs before for the convenience to select the perfect one. The designs are classified into two that are attached type and the freestanding type.

Attached type Greenhouses –

Even-span:- This type of design is differing from common attached type greenhouses. This particular design is having a “full-sized” structure of its own. However, one side of this structure will be fastened with a house or a building, for the stability. It is having more space for the plants, by which it can generate more circulation within the area. It can accommodate even benches for relaxation due to the availability of space.

Window-mounted:- This particular greenhouse design can be mounted on the windows of the house. This design is specially made for the people, who do not have the area to accommodate bigger size greenhouse and wish to grow a garden as their own.

Each design having its own advantages and the cost of the greenhouse is depend up on the area, quality, facilities and the material used for its construction. Therefore, you have to select the design, which is worth to your money and matching with your requirements.

Freestanding Structures – the name itself inform you that the greenhouse can stay away from any other external supports and it can be placed anywhere, as you wish. The advantage of this design is that it can be placed where and in any direction, where the plant can get sufficient sun light.

The disadvantage of this design is that the difficulties to supply the electricity for heaters & lighting and water supply, because of the distance.

Juliana greenhouse:- This type of greenhouse design is best one to accommodate in less space. The construction of this design is without clips and gives a good impression of a fresh design appearance.

Hideaway design:- This type of greenhouse design has enough space for plantation and for keeping the tools; potting etc. the particular greenhouse design is generally made of a transparent polycarbonate, which has an ultra-violet coating “co-extruded” into the pane. This compound tends to give almost 82% “soft dispersed light,” which can trigger the greenish structure of the plants.

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Should Farmers Do Business with Greenhouse Manufacturers?

The ancient people of Egypt did farming using a good irrigation system and proper sunlight to make the crops grow the maximum and excellent productivity. We are also following the same practice; however, we are not able to get the maximum productivity due to the influence of weather, insects and diseases affecting the plants growth throughout the year.

The research and development has advised the new world to use the fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to sustain the crop production. It is also proved that the use of pesticides and herbicides is harmful to the human health, due to which the world turned back towards organic farming.
To protect the plants from the attack of insects, pests and the weather the experts have developed the greenhouse and increased the productivity of the plant. The greenhouse provides a controlled environment to the plants to grow throughout the year.

Greenhouses are usually built using wood and metal, however the panels are made of glass. Since this is not sturdy enough to withstand the weather conditions, termites and rust. Manufacturers have come up with modified models using different materials to keep the greenhouse away from the disturbing factors.

The frames of greenhouses have been changed to aluminum and plastic, which are rust and termite proof. Other merit of plastic frame is that it is stronger than the glass to with stand during the heavy snowfall and hailstorms.It is well known to everybody that the plastic material cannot break even if a rock thrown on it.

This material will allow only 70% to 75% of ultraviolet rays to enter inside the greenhouse, which is proved that the right amount of sunlight required for plants to grow. The person has to assess the area before making the decision of what kind of greenhouse is ideal.

The greenhouse manufacturers are also supplies the necessary equipments for the maintenance of greenhouse. It is optional to you that whether the equipments have to be purchased from them or not. The farmers have to keep the greenhouse in warmed condition with the use of heaters for the growth of the plants especially during the monsoon and winter seasons. The modern world is offering all the operations with automated equipments to maintain the warmness without any fail.

Manufacturers have developed many methods to do the farming and they are in this business for years. They can give good advice to the beginners for choosing the models, suitable plants to grow, the fertilization and maintenance of the greenhouse.

Hydroponics method is the most modernized and popular technique used in United States and Europe. Hydroponics method uses only water instead of soil and the plant growing better than the plants growing on the soil. Most preferable thing about this technique is that farmers are able to get the crops 4 to 6 times more than the traditional method.

It is also helpful to avoid the regular problems with soil such as weeds, diseases, and pests.The basic needs for the plant growth are water, nutrients, and the right environment, which we can provide through the greenhouse technology. The greenhouse permits the farmer to grow the plants throughout the year with out any consideration of natural climate and weather changes.

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Big Business Using Commercial Greenhouses

The greenhouse business is charming and profitable to the farmers, however it is not easy to maintain the greenhouse as it is spread in more area, due to which the farmer is in need of more labors to give proper maintenance and treatment to the plant.

The technologies developed by the experts are most useful to eradicate the insects and pest to get the maximum out put from the cultivation. Even then, the farmers have to fight against the wild plants, diseases and change of weather conditions until the harvest of his crops. The use of chemicals for the eradication of insects and pests may cause the crop to carry some percentage of the chemicals.
So it must to conduct a test to prove that whether it is harmful to human body or not. The commercial greenhouse is designed with enclosures to protect the plants from the insects and pests, by which the farmer can reduce the chemical treatments to the plants and the product, will be helpful to the human body.

The hydroponics plantation is also a proven method of cultivation, where we need only water instead of soil. The hydroponics plantation is proved as more productive than the other method of cultivation. The availability of sunlight and air must be considered before selecting the location. The farmer has to make sure that the water and fertilizers in required time properly.

The panel type commercial greenhouse is proven its capability to grow the plants better than the other models. It is reliable to give sufficient sun light to the plants. The enclosure can be made of metal, plastic, wood, glass or fiber and we have to choose the enclosure as per the weather condition of our area.

The commercial greenhouse is costly as it is ranging from 4000 dollars to 50000 dollars. The investors must be aware about the initial investment and the running cost to maintain the greenhouse, before entering into this business. Any kind of plantation can be done in this enclosures and it is the responsibility of investor to choose the type plants, depends up on the requirement of market.

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What you get from Lean-to Greenhouses

A greenhouse can be freestanding or attached to the house. The greenhouse attached to the house is called as lean-to greenhouses. This type of greenhouse is very popular among the gardeners who utilize greenhouse for gardening. Lean-to greenhouse or a freestanding greenhouse is different in the aspect of their structure.

A freestanding greenhouse is an independent structure, which can build away from the house. The greenhouse is made to create and maintain the friendly environment for the better growth of the plants. Therefore you have to be equipped with necessary equipments to develop the heat, humidity, light and ventilation system to release the over heat. The availability of water and electricity are the most considerable factors while placing the greenhouse.
Freestanding greenhouse is expensive and need more space to accommodate. However, the “lean-to” attached type greenhouse can build as the part of your house and the cost is also will be affordable. Another advantage of attached type greenhouse is that the required water and electricity can supply from your home, easily.

It is most important to place the lean-to greenhouse, where sufficient sunlight is available. Every greenhouse should be used to its full potential and capability to grow and maintain the plants. He should consider all the factors that can affect the result of his greenhouse gardening and he has to fulfill the requirements of the plants.

The lean-to greenhouses, which are commonly attached to a house or a building gives the person to have the advantage of having enough time to attend to his plants anytime he wants. The support of the lean-to greenhouse depends on the attached structure. Now a days the greenhouses seem to vary in their styles and sizes. You may find large and small environmentally oriented greenhouses.

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Planning a Greenhouse for Free

The people of modern world have diverted their mind towards the natural products like fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid the health imbalances happening from the artificial food. The demand of fruits and vegetables made very good potential in this business and many people has entered in the field of cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Now the people are in search for the way to produce more fruits and vegetables and they are ready to invest as per the demand.

The greenhouse technology is become more and more popular due to its favorable contribution in the agricultural industry. The greenhouse is certified as the good in the production of more fruits and vegetables through out the year with out any interruption. The greenhouse becomes the dream of many people they are searching for the way to own it. The greenhouse kits are available in the market for the people, who are ready to invest for the greenhouse.
You can have the help of greenhouse experts to know the whole ideas for building a greenhouse. There are sources from where you can get free plans and tips to build your own greenhouse, especially for greenhouse enthusiasts who are just beginner and not able to invest more. We can help you to built your own green house in a minimum investment.

Tips to construct your own greenhouse:-

The base can be made of wood like rose wood or any other strong wood also can be selected. The base for our plan is considered as 2400 mm x 3000 mm.

The sidewall can build by 75 x 50 tantalized sawn timbers, which is usually available in 4800 mm. the sidewalls can be erected on the base and the side walls must attach with the base by using galvanized nails.

Roof frame can build by using the 75 x 50 tantalized sawn timbers. The roof frames should place above and attach with the sidewalls by using galvanized nails.

Windows will be of 50 x 50 timbers. One or more windows can provide for the right air circulation inside the greenhouse. The windows should be hinged and aligned properly for the regulation of inside temperature.

Covering of greenhouse is most important factor for maintaining the friendly atmosphere inside and it must allow sunrays inside for the growth of plants. It can be of polythene, which allows only 70 to 75% of ultra-violet rays, as required by the plants. The covering can be placed using thin battens, which will hold the polythene to the greenhouse.

The battens have to be attached by nails with the greenhouse studs and roof rafters. Greenhouses can be built in a couple of days to a couple of years. You may find many free greenhouse construction plans in the Internet. The free plans come with good tips and wonderful illustration to guide one in constructing a greenhouse for his plants.

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Building an Easy and Cost-effective Greenhouse on Your Back Yard

Thorough planning and preparation is essential before starting your greenhouse project. Putting up a greenhouse need not be time-consuming or expensive. Your greenhouse design will very much depend on the space, variety of plants, cost, and location. Make sure that your greenhouse must be able to provide the environment suitable for your plants.

Location must select with the consideration of availability of the sunlight and fresh air. The morning sunlight and evening sunlight is very much useful for plants for their life process. The sunlight is most important as well as the burning or cruel sunlight with high temperature is harmful to the plants. Therefore, the sunlight during the afternoons of summer seasons, the shades must be provided to save the plants from the burning effect of the sunlight.

While selecting a site to construct the greenhouse you must consider the drainage facility during the monsoon. If that kind of area is not available in your land, please be noted that you must place the greenhouse slightly higher altitude than the ground level. You should also consider the place for keeping the accessories and potting with out disturbing anything else.

Simple and easy to construct greenhouse:


  • * 5/8″ x 6′ long pieces – 15 nos.
  • * 7 pieces of 20 feet schedule” 40 PVC” drilled with a hole size 3/16 to ¬ inch “dead center” at 10 feet.
  • * 84 feet – that is “cut into 4 foot lengths of «” schedule 40 PVC”
  • * 80 pieces size 2 x 4 wood (treated).
  • * 4 pieces fence posts, 8 foot in length (treated).
  • * Size “40 x 24 feet” UV “polyethylene”, stabilized
  • * 60 pieces 2 « inches fence staples
  1. Mark the area and erect the 6 feet pieces, each with a distance of 4 feet away from each other. Allow 48 inches to protrude from the soil or ground.
  2. Nail the 2 x 6 runner on to the “rebar stakes”. This will provide you with something to nail on the polyethylene later. You may use a “60 2 « inch fence staples”.
  3. Slide in the PVC pieces (20 inch) over the “rebar stakes”, making certain that no sharp points are exposed, such as rebar, wire ends, rough pipes, etc.
  4. Put the PVC pieces (20 foot) on the “rebar stakes”. You need to have somebody do “one side” as you also do the “other side” carefully and slightly at each time. Make sure that you drilled holes “parallel to the ground”.
  5. Slide the wire all through the PVC holes and through the 8 PVC (4foot) pieces “along the roof”.
  6. So, the “ribs” will not shift horizontally, you need to wire together the 4 foot PVC pipe lengths with either baling or copper wire. Make certain that the wire is wrapped so that the PVC pipe is forced inward.
  7. Construct now the “two end walls” and the doors. Use vertical posts (4X4) 10 foot length and buried 3 or 4 feet for the doorway frame. Make certain that the end walls are not floppy and must stay vertically so that the PVC will not separate. Your door must be very tight so that the wind will not be able to inflate the greenhouse.
  8. Drive some nails into the post’s base horizontally of the posts and submerge them to the ground.
  9. With somebody’s help, and each person on each side holding the plastic, slide it over the rib cage and then attach the ends by wrapping the plastic’s end around lath pieces then “nail the lath” to the “end walls” and also along the foundation.
  10. Be creative and add a few of your personal touches.

All done! Enjoy with your greenhouse!

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Reasons for purchasing a Greenhouse

Your greenhouse is your land of wonders! You can derive any thing out of it as per your wish. It is an oasis in both time and space.

Your time and energy spent on your greenhouse by way of tending and maintenance is worth when compared to time spent on other leisure activities. Many greenhouse enthusiasts spend more time in their greenhouse to ward off their stress and to lead a meaningful leisure activity.
If you take up greenhouse as your hobby, then you need not worry for the rest of your lifetime because of the engrossing nature of the greenhouse activities.

However, when you consider the activities with any greenhouse, you are in fact in consonance with the nature?s activities and you will be still closer to our mother nature; after all, all of us have originated from mother nature only. All of this is very good for the deriving the much-needed satisfaction at the soul level.

Valid Reasons for considering purchase of a Greenhouse

You can make your greenhouse as an extension of your home. It can be a free, stand alone one or can also be made as an extension to the side of your house wall. Greenhouse can enhance the aesthetic value of your surroundings and give a conducive atmosphere. Unlike the big commercial greenhouse, the small and personal greenhouses are capable of giving the anticipated ambience and warmth to you and to your surroundings.

It will be a wonderful idea to have a small and functionally viable greenhouse at your backyard to grow your favourite flowers, vegetables and fruits. By setting up a scaled down greenhouse, you can have place for spending your leisure hours fruitfully and as well as to hang out uninterruptedly from the external world. Your greenhouse is your own domain of pastime and everything is under your control and disposal.
If you are planning to raise your favourite plant species such as flowers, vegetables and fruits, then there is no alternative other than your own greenhouse in your backyard. You also tend to save by curtailing your expenditure on seeds and other plant materials. You can produce your own seeds from your garden and then transfer those to your greenhouse. This saves your valid time and money in searching for your seeds during the springtime.

As you start and spend more time with your greenhouse, you will be amazed to learn the variety of plants that can easily be grown in greenhouses. You will learn more about your capabilities in producing your own requirement of fruits and vegetables without depending much on the expensive commercial growers. And from certain point of your endeavour, your greenhouse will breakeven and start paying you with additional income.

As you start and maintain a greenhouse, you will have another opportunity to make it as a hobby. You will be better equipped to grow flowers, vegetables and plants all through the year. Irrespective of the restricting aspects of the seasons, you will be able to bring out the flowers and fruits from your greenhouse in all seasons and through out the entire year.

Start to sow the seeds during the months of March and April and then again during May and June. You can shift your plants to the greenhouse during winter season thereby enhancing or extending the life span of the fruit and vegetable crops.

Another valid reason for owning a greenhouse is that you can grow and harvest your own requirements of fruits and vegetables produced in a more scientific manner and under a good hygienic condition. No doubt that you will be able to save a good chunk in your grocery bill. Due to very hygienic conditions and usage of organic farming techniques in greenhouses, you get healthy food and can lead a healthy life devoid of any allergies or chemical contamination.

Building and owning a greenhouse will turn out to be a pleasurable activity for the whole family. Each member can have their own little area and exercise their control over it. The experience that can be derived in watching plants grow and produce yields is a delightful one and can never be explained in plain words.

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What Every Gardener Needs to Know About Greenhouse Systems

The greenhouse is absolutely away from the natural environment and the plants growing in the greenhouse is safe from the atmospheric pollution and weather changes. There are many harmful elements, due to the pollution, in the atmosphere, which are having the tendency to destroy the plants. The greenhouse, you can expect an all the year-round production of lush vegetations and flowers without worrying about the adverse effects of the pollution in the environment.

Positively, cultivating plants in a greenhouse is one of the most remarkable concept, human has ever created. However, building-up a greenhouse is not an easy thing because it necessitates many factors in order to provide a healthier place for growing the plants. It is must that, every gardener to be equipped with the suitable equipments to fulfill the requirements of the plants.
These equipments are classified into three systems, each having its own unique capability of developing the plants.Greenhouse lighting system is an essential factor in the plant growth, in a particular greenhouse environment.

Greenhouse lighting systems is must, especially during the winter season, when sufficient sunlight is not available. The light rays, air, and humidity are active factors in the life process of the plant, known as photosynthesis process. It is a encouraging factor to the farmers that, they can do their cultivation without the consideration of natural climate, through out the year.

Greenhouse watering system:-

Among the important factors, the water having very close relation with the life of the plant. Water having the importance in all the lives born in the world and the plants or creatures, nothing can be alive without the water. Greenhouse watering systems is important to feed the water in time without any fails. The nutrients also can be diluted in the water to feed the plant. It specially designed to provide mechanical “trickle type” of irrigation and fertilizer feeding.

Greenhouse Electrical System is having the most important position in the greenhouse environment. Electricity is the supreme media, which is essential for operating all of those devices like heater, humidifier, lights, and other equipments used for watering and air circulation. Some more instruments can be added in this list like the thermostat and timers for the automation of all the equipments serving for the greenhouse.

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Greenhouses on the Move

Gardeners are very much interested in these portable greenhouses and the evident is that the increase in sales of these products. The customized full-size greenhouses is costly to build and expensive to maintain. Therefore, the small size like portable greenhouse may be practical for having your own greenhouse.

The portable greenhouse is more convenient to accommodate anywhere you want and it is very easy to detach and attach. The quality of easy detach and attach gives the chance to relocate from one place to other place. This type of mini greenhouse is very light in weight and easy to carry. It can attach with your house as the extension of your room and can have more time with your plants and flowers.
The portable or moving greenhouse is less in cost and rich in performance. This is very much suitable for the beginners to get idea about the greenhouse plantation and the maintenance aspects. The portable greenhouse will also maintain the temperature and humidity as well as the customized greenhouse.

It will trap the temperature absorbed from the sunlight and keep the air warmed through out the day for encouraging the plants to grow.Portable greenhouse is ideal for early plantation of seeds, protecting the tender plants in winter season, and starting perennial seeds in summer because those are to be transplanted. This can be used for over winter plants especially when heated.

The portable greenhouse allows the gardener for an immediate start of gardening career without having to spend more money to buy all those greenhouse supplies, which are required for the big ones. In addition, the installation is significantly quicker and easier than permanent ones so no additional or advanced tools are required.

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Greenhouses: Where the Grass is Green All Year-Round

The gardeners and crop cultivators are in need of their plantation to be done through out the year, as a habit or for the benefits from the business. However, the growth of the plants are directly connected with the weather conditions. Some plants may not be withstanding the cool atmosphere and some may not the hot atmosphere.

So the farmers have to consider the weather for the plantation and they cannot do it regardless of season. The above reasons are the basic reasons for the research and development centre to create the greenhouses or greenhouse facilities.
A greenhouse is an enclosed structure made of glass or plastic that stores the created warmness inside forever and helping the plants to grow in favorable environment, through out the year. The required heat can be produced artificially by using heaters, and allows to get stored inside for warming up the environment.

The glass or plastic can use for the construction of greenhouses, which are specially designed to have light rays transmission qualities and allows the sunrays inside the greenhouse for the growth of the plant. The greenhouse will provide a warm atmosphere inside, and in effect, it warms the plants and the soil. A greenhouse will not allow the temperature to escape from the chamber, however it is provided with ventilations to release the over heat.

The general idea of a greenhouse is to protect temperature and climate sensitive plants from extreme shifts in temperature, either too hot or too cold. Maintaining a greenhouse has its own share of toil. For a start, it must regulate heat and humidity inside the greenhouse. Other factors are to be considered like watering for the plants, light, and the protection from the pests and diseases.

The greenhouse is made for giving all needs of the plants every day, through out the year and the greenhouse can be called as evergreen chamber for the plantation. The greenhouse has provided the utmost relief to the gardeners and crop cultivators, who are eager to grow their plant through out the year. The greenhouses is the only to for cultivate the plants where, the climates are harsh and cruel for plants.

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Advantages of Organic Hydroponic Greenhouses

The traditional process of agriculture is a slow process and it is becoming less popular now. People who have learnt the processs of organic Hydroponic would find the traditional methods slow. This new method is very helpful in growing the crops very quickly. Faster growing is possible with organic hydroponics.

Soil is not required for organic hydroponics method of growing plants. This method is also known as the soil-less gardening or soil-less culture, or water gardening, or chemi-culture. It could be a surprise for those who do not know about hydroponic methods of growing plants.
In the hydroponics methods the nutrients needed for the plant’s growth is supplied to the plant directly. The organic chemical fertilizers are dissolved in water and fed to the plant’s roots. Water soluble nutrients are needed for this method. With this there is no need of soil for the plants. Greenhouses now use these organic hydroponic fertilizers to grow the plants. Some people believe that this method of growing the plants is harmful to the environment while there are people who do not agree with this belief.

There are many benefits in growing the plants hydroponically. One of the main advantage is that the plants grow very fast than the conventional methods. The person who grows the plants in this method need not worry whether the water is sufficient for the plant. There is no need to worry about the fertilizer or chemical solution that is used. These green houses are valuable for any researcher. Less space is used for growing plants hydroponically. Moreover time and effort is saved in hydroponic plants growing.

Since there is no soil involved there is no need to worry about the properties associated with each soil for growing plants. The roots of the plants are small when grown hydroponically hence more plants can be grown in less space. Multiple cropping is possible at the same time. The plants grown are healthier and larger than the conventional plants. Hence many gardeners accept the method of hydroponic growing of plants for the advantages associated with it. This method would meet the growing demand for more crops at a faster rate.

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How Greenhouse Climates Work in the Growth of Plants

The greenhouse designed to keep a suitable climate condition inside the chamber to boost the growth of plants healthy and to increase the productivity of the plant. The artificial heating equipment, humidity controller, lights and ventilations are occupied to control the inside climate of greenhouse chamber.

The result of maintaining the inside climate is satisfactory as the quick growth of the plants and increase of productivity. The geothermal conditioning is planned according to the environmental and biological orientation of the greenhouses.
The change in climate plays a major role in the growth of the plant and the main purpose of having an internal climate system in greenhouse is to optimize the necessary factors for growth of the plant. The photosynthesis process helps the leave to utilize the carbon dioxide for the plants growth, which can be obtained by the sun light.

The greenhouse will enjoy the natural climate also like sun light, heat etc. The formation of chlorophyll affects the entire internal climate, which happens because of the effect of heat transfer, solar light, and natural air. The quality of soil, protection by the canopy and the regular watering is helping the chamber for maintaining the continuous energy balance.

Condition and character of the internal climate:-

The air circulation is must and it is the media to transfer the heat to entire area of the chamber. The chamber is maintaining the energy balance for the healthy growth of plant. The heating is must and the chamber should be always in required heat level.

The regular watering is having a most important place in the growth of the plant as well as the inside climate the water helps the plants for the photosynthetic process and provides required moisture to the roots of the plant. The light rays are most essential in producing photosynthesis reaction in the plants and develops the plant’s life process inside the greenhouse.

The carbon dioxide concentration is also having important role in the life process inside the greenhouse. It is important to create an environment, which will provide continuous life process for plants in stabilized climate condition. A well-planned greenhouse climate assures the proper distribution of light, temperature, water, carbon dioxide, and other essential factors required for the growth of every plant

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Tips on Planning and Building Your Home Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse at your home may be the dream of many people, where you can feel the music of nature and can have the fun with the flowers and plants. The habit to grow the plants is common for 80% of human, living in the world, however all those are not getting chance due to many factors.

If anybody is willing to grow the plants at their home, he has to consider many factors to build up the garden in suitable place and to give the proper maintenance to the garden every day. If he is planning to make the garden, exposed to nature then he must suffer from the change of climate, weather and natural calamities, which affect the life of your plants and you may be discouraged from your most interesting habit.
In the view of the natural disturbances to the growing and grown plants, the modern world has decided to build the internal garden for saving the life of the plants. The idea of greenhouse has given more relief and comfort to the people, who are having in-depth love and habit of gardening.

The greenhouse is definitely suitable to protect the plants from the natural climate changes and weather conditions. Even then, building up a greenhouse is not silly as the gardening at out side.You should have planning for building up a greenhouse like the land, easy access for maintenance, availability of water, electricity, sun light, air circulation etc. You have to select the area, where sufficient sun light is available, which is most important for the growth of the plant.

The availability of water and electricity is also to be considered for the treatment and maintenance of the greenhouse.Idea to go for a greenhouse is appretiatable and you have the planning of the location and basic needs of the plants you are willing to grow in the greenhouse. Now the question is that what type of greenhouse must be selected to serve your purpose as per your planning.

There are two types of greenhouse like freestanding type and attached type. The name itself is the explanation for those types of greenhouses. The freestanding type can be erected anywhere as per your choice, however the attached type must me attached with any other structure. Different kind of attached types are available with the suppliers and can be selected depends on the available space and your budget.

The lean-to attached greenhouse is a half greenhouse attached directly with one side of a house or building. The advantage of this type is that, as it is close to your house means it is close to the sources of water and electricity, which reduces the running cost of the greenhouse. This kind of structure has some limitations on space, ventilation, and sunlight.

Another type-attached greenhouse is the even span type. This kind of structure has one gable end connected to a building and it provides more usable space and allows better airflow to maintain temperature. The third type of an attached greenhouse is the window-mounted. It is made of glass enclosure, which gives enough space for growing plants.

The structure can be made of much kind of materials like steel, glass, plastic, fiber etc. The main consideration, while selecting the structure, must be that the structure should withstand all kinds of weather changes and free from deterioration.

The greenhouse is meant for the artificial friendly atmosphere for the growth of the plants. The heat, light energy, humidity, water and air are the basic needs of the plant and the greenhouse can create and maintain this friendly atmosphere with the help of some equipments, though out the year for the year though plantation to the satisfaction of gardener.

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Create a Warm and Suitable Environment for Growth with Greenhouse Plastic

The Greenhouse is made for providing the suitable Environment for the Growth of plant through out the year. For achieving the warm and suitable atmosphere the greenhouse will be enclosed by any material and maintaining the warmth for the better growth of the plant. It is also having the benefit of safety from the natural weather changes and climate, which can never influence on the plants growing in the greenhouse.

The greenhouse can be constructed by metal, glass or plastic materials. The commonly used material is plastic due to its quality to withstand the natural disturbances and it is free from rust. The plastic allows the sunlight to inside the greenhouse, protecting the warmness inside, restricting the ultra-violet radiation and it strong & durable. The filtered environment in the greenhouse makes possible by the use of plastic enclosure.
The greenhouse plastic is explicit design to resist wear and tear unlike conventional construction plastic that cannot filter ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun. Greenhouse plastic is durable due to its knitted design and allows the cutting and sizing to meet the required length for a structure without fraying, ripping, or tearing.

The material can easily be framed around any where in the greenhouse opening like a vent, door or windows. At the same time, cost is affordable when greenhouse plastic is used since it is lightweight and does not require heavy-duty structural framing. The distribution of light by the structure constructed of greenhouse plastic is as good as that of a glass greenhouse.

Types of Greenhouse Plastic

Greenhouse plastic films are generally three types named, PVC or polyvinyl chloride, PE or polyethylene and copolymers. There may be other types of plastic used for the covering of greenhouse; even then, these three are the most widely used among all.

Polyethylene plastic is available in two types; one is the utility grade and second is the commercial grade. Utility grade polyethylene plastic is available any where and generally stays in good condition for a year. Commercial grade polyethylene plastic that is lasting longer than the utility grade and it is worth up to eighteen months and it is filtering the ultraviolet rays.

Copolymers are more durable than other types and lasting up to three years. Innovative additives introduced into greenhouse plastic enable it to mimic the same effects of a glass greenhouse with considerable costs. Polyvinyl chloride is more expensive compared to polyethylene due to its durability, up to five years.

The plastic film can be made of polyethylene, copolymers or polyvinyl chloride depending on your preference. Choose a greenhouse plastic, which can filter the ultraviolet rays in to the required value for the plants. The greenhouse plastic film can be secured in place using a staple gun. In a more rigid construction, the 1? by 2? wood strips and wood screws will be used to secure the greenhouse plastic film in place. A popular technique is that the double-layer construction for better insulation for the energy savings.

Two sheets of plastic are layered and leaving a small gap in between the layers. The air between the plastics layers can efficiently insulate the entire greenhouse. Poly patching type of tape can be used to patch holes and scratch that may happen to the plastic film. Its excellent holding strength and wide tape make an ideal for securing the plastic film of the greenhouse.

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Greenhouse Manufacturers 101: Finding the Best among the Greens

The goodwill of an establishment and the name of the manufacturer are the main considering factors of the consumers to buy the required product. The advertisement is also playing an important role, by which the customers are getting attracted on their product whether it is worth for their investment or not. 60 % of the customers are preferred to deal with the manufacturer is already been recognized.

So the experts are advising to find the manufacturers first before buying a product. It is also applicable, when buying a greenhouse.Different type of greenhouses, the innovative forms of gardening, can be purchased in kits and greenhouse kits are readily made available in the market.
The greenhouses are restricted in “enclosed structural designs” made of glass, metal or plastic and are believed to offer more than what the outside environment can give to the plants. The greenhouse can provide the right amount of heat, humidity, and light to the plant.

The greenhouse is available either assembled or “do it yourself kit”. The types of greenhouses differ based on the kinds of “structural beams” and the kind of windowpanes. It is must to find the good manufacturer to ensure the quality of the materials, used to construct the “greenhouse.”

Tips to know when consider a greenhouse manufacturer:

Do your homework – It is important for a customer to have knowledge about the product he has to buy and this knowledge is more than sufficient to identify the right product. In case of the purchase of greenhouse, we can advise you to list out the manufacturers and search about their product, who is already been in use of it. In this way you can be confident about the product, you are going to purchase.Know the manufacturer and their company goodwill and check the quality of the materials they are using and the workmanship.

Certifications – Check for the certifications by any concerned institutions. Most of the highly praised greenhouse manufacturers are members of the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association or the NGMA.It is a certified “trade organization” built specially for the greenhouse manufacturers as well as the trader or contractors of greenhouses and its parts.

So you have to check for the NGMA certification while selecting the greenhouse and you can be sure that you will be dealing with an expert. You can contact NGMA for further information to deal with the perfect manufacturing unit.

Shop around – The shops are to enquire and compare the price and quality of greenhouse. The gratification is that, the product is bought in a good price with good quality.

Go online – The maximum leading manufacturers are having their own web site to give information about their product. You can also get invaluable information’s about the greenhouse cultivation, maintenance, greenhouse accessories, fertilization and greenhouse environment. These information’s will help you like anything to do the greenhouse business

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All You Have to Know About Greenhouse Heaters

The greenhouse plants are in need of controlled climate to grow healthy and design of greenhouse is especially meant for maintaining the climate inside the chamber. The atmospheric temperature varies every hour and very low in during the night.

In winter season, the condition will be worst and it is must to create the temperature artificially. Much kind of heaters are available in the market for maintaining the heat inside the chamber of greenhouse. You have to think about the capacity of the heater to maintain the heat in the wide area of your greenhouse.
While selecting the heater you have to take into consideration of the initial and running cost of the heater.The Electric Heaters are most reliable for small size greenhouse, which produces only heat without any smoke and that quality save the opening of ventilation system. Gas heaters are also reliable to use for maintaining the temperature, inside the greenhouse chamber.

Paraffin heaters – This kind of heaters is being use as standby because of it’s de-merits of fumes, re-filling of fuel and constant wick trimming. This heater produces fumes and has to be exhausted by ventilation and the burned fuel also to be disposed away from the greenhouse.

Heater Combustion – This kind of heaters are heating the air inside the chamber by the fuel burning process. The performance of this type of heaters found satisfactory.

Separated combustion heater – A gas heater uses the combustion mechanism with the outside air for combustion. Its burner is sealed to trap the air from outside. The exhaust facility has been provided to release the smoke.

Sealed combustion heater – This type of heater are very much similar to the separated combustion type. The only difference is that the burner is completely sealed inside.The some kind of heaters can be stored by hanging on the ceiling or sidewall and no floor space is required. The floor standing type is also there which consumes more floor space

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Enjoying Some Gardening with a Greenhouse

The people are having different taste and different habits. However, you cannot even one person, who does not like garden and flowers. It is possible to every one to do the gardening and enjoy with his plant and flowers.

The out side gardening may not make good results due to the change of climate conditions and the affect of pests and diseases spreaded from other plants existing in the area. So it is advisable to go for a greenhouse for the gardening, where the plants are protected from the weather and other external forces.
While doing the gardening in the greenhouse you have to be well equipped to create and control the inside temperature, humidity, light energy, air etc. you should also choose the place to construct the greenhouse, where sufficient sunlight is available. This greenhouse is an enclosed chamber with controlled environment to grow the plants.

The frame of the greenhouse can be of glass, plastic, wood, or metal. The panels are to be made of the transparent material to allow the sunlight inside the chamber, preferably glass, or plastic. The ideal greenhouse is the freestanding version. If the space is limited for accommodating the freestanding type, you have another option of attaching type.

The greenhouse also needs the artificial light energy. There are some important greenhouse equipments for creating and maintaining the friendly environment, inside the chamber, for the healthy growth of the plants.

The temperature, humidity, air, light, and ventilation are the main to necessity of a greenhouse to take care of the plants growing inside. For which the owner has to procure the heater, humidifier, circulation fan and the instruments for atomizing the operations. Along with maintaining the environment, you have to provide the water and nutrients frequently for the growth of the plants.

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Supplies Needed for Your Greenhouse

A greenhouse may help to shorten the growing period of the plants. This allows a person to harvest the crop earlier than the usual period he would normally wait. If the person is having proper planning for the maintenance of the greenhouse and he is ready to attend his plant every day through out the year, the plants will grow healthy and the productivity of the plants will definitely be increased.

The germination status of each plant could turn out for the better. A greenhouse has the capacity to control the amount of sunlight required by the plants and we have to maintain the inside temperature and the humidity, by the necessary equipments, that will ensure the plants to have healthier and an increased productivity.

Supplies and accessories:-

The main considerable factors of a greenhouse, for the healthy growth of the plants are the friendly atmosphere, warmed environment, availability of sufficient air, sunlight, temperature, humidity, and water. We have to maintain the above needs with the help of some greenhouse supplies like heater, humidifier, watering system, lights, ventilation, and circulation fan.

The shelves and benches also can be included in the list as it is very much useful for keeping the potting and the benches for relaxation to the workers.The heater is very important equipment to maintain the heat through out the year.

The winter may affect the atmospheric temperature considerably and we have to create the warmed environment, inside the greenhouse, to encourage the plant growth. The heater is the equipment to warm-up the inside air.

The humidifier is also necessary to maintain the humidity, inside the chamber. The humidity is a more important factor is to be maintained and provided to the plants. Few percentage will get produced by the water distributed in the soil and the heat produced in the chamber, however, you have to be equipped with humidifier to maintain the required level.

The circulation fan is another required supply to circulate the warmed air to all the places of the chamber and it is also useful for the drawing the fresh air from the atmosphere.The ventilation system is also necessary to maintain the required level of temperature.

The temperature will be more during the summer and we should have the provision to keep it balanced. The ventilation system is very useful to reduce the temperature level and can be maintained the balanced level.

The watering system for the regular watering, lighting system during the winter season, the shelves for keeping the potting and tools and the benches for the relaxation of workers are the main supplies of a greenhouse to fulfill the requirements of the plants to grow healthy.

Other optional supplies and accessories, he may add to his greenhouse, are the automatic plant misting system, soil sterilization supplies, thermometers, special shelving systems, shelters and shades with roof ventilation, plant lighting tools, and humidity gauges. All these supplies may have their own use in a greenhouse.

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Harvesting From the Water

The people were doing their cultivation on the land and they use to feed the water and nutrients to the plants for the growth. Now the demand for fruits, vegetables and other type of foods has got increased and the human has searched to find the better way for cultivating the crop plants, in a better manner and to increase the productivity to match with the demand.

The research and development has detected many ways for the cultivation, which also were not successful due to the affect of pests and other diseases influenced on the plants.The people have taken the help of chemicals to get rid of pests and other diseases to help the plants to grow.
However, the use of chemical has found as harmful to the human body and the people compelled to go back to the organic way of plantation. The technology has been developed and found the way to increase the productivity of the plants without jeopardize the health of people and the environment. The developed way of farming is named greenhouse technology, where the plants are growing in a closed chamber with out the consideration of natural weather conditions.

The greenhouse technology is also having two ways to cultivate the plants that are on the soil or in the water, called as hydroponics farming. Water is an ingredient for the growth of the plant and the nutrients must feed for the healthy growth and productivity of the plant. The technology has developed to grow the plants in the water and all the necessary nutrients will feed through water by dilution.

The greenhouse is a closed chamber with controlled environment, which helps the plants to grow through out the year. The hydroponics technology has proved that it is more productive than the plants growing in the soil. To prove how effective it is, scientists made a comparative study on the growth of tomatoes. One batch used soil and produced ten tons.

The other batch used hydroponics technology and the production was unbelievable, 60 tons of product. This shows that this method can produce six times more than traditional farming.Some crops will be able to produce more than the others will; the length of the time to harvest is still faster than the old method, which gives a faster turn around for farmers.

The farmer no need have to check and pull out weeds or look for diseases, which are normally happen in the soil cultivation. The greenhouse technology having many advantages that the requirements like light rays, air, heat, and humidity can be produced and provided artificially.

The different methods of hydroponics are:

One method is called deep-water culture. The roots of the plants will be raised in the air and a pump releases air out to make it grow. This is ideal for grapes and other crops that grow in this manner. Another method is very similar to deep water culture is aeroponics. The plants will be raised in the air and nutrients will mix in the form fog or mist and feeding to the plants.

One of the nicest things about hydroponics gardening is that it does not need more space, which allows the person to set up a greenhouse in the backyard. The requirements are water in containers, tubes to reuse the water, strong lamps for artificial light and some organic nutrients that are available at the gardening store.

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Choosing a Window Greenhouse

The window garden / greenhouse are developed for the convenience of the gardener to enjoy his habit with in a limited space. The attachable type, window greenhouse is more reliable and easy for maintenance. As it is connected with your home the watering and electrification is become easier.

If you are choosing a window greenhouse means you are willing to do the gardening through out the year and want to enjoy year-round blossom and it will be your most cost-effective and simple to build option. Window greenhouse kit is readily available in the market to buy and you need not to put more efforts for the construction of it.
The only thing you have to do is to enlarge the opening, where you are going to erect the window greenhouse.Cost of the kit, materials use for construction and the size of your window greenhouse are factors to be considered while deciding for a window greenhouse. Keep it in mind that the type of greenhouse should match with the design of your home.

The complete window greenhouse kit with energy saving and easy installation features are also available. Windows greenhouses that are available in maintenance-free material vinyl or aluminum-coated wood are very attractive and will be a decoration for your house.

The bow greenhouse window can be a great choice that consists of more than four glass segments to duplicate a rounded look. Bay greenhouse windows generally come in three segments with sides, which are inclined at either thirty or forty-five degrees. Your choice when it comes to window greenhouse, the features are more.

Asses the area and decide whether the ready-made window greenhouse can accommodate or not. You have to create a warm environment inside the greenhouse, and to provide sufficient light energy, air, humidity, constant temperature, and water.You need the space inside the greenhouse for the transplanting, fertilization, watering and for checking for the pests and diseases.

So the selected area for the window greenhouse must be easily accessible to you, which will not clash with other activities in the home. The glass paneling is considered the core of any greenhouse window for glare control, comfort, efficiency, and resistance to fading.

The potted plants are available with flowers that can be planted in your window greenhouse and can have the enjoyment with the flowers from very first day of your plantation. In addition, herbs are attractive, useful and sweet smelling can add to your window greenhouse. “Starting with a smaller greenhouse window unit will be a good idea, as you can just install another one”.

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Warming It Up in the Greenhouse

The human demand for the fruits and vegetables are not seasonal but the some fruits and vegetables are getting only in the specified season. The modern world has developed much more technologies to easier the human life and they have found the way to produce the seasonal fruits and vegetables through out the year by developing the greenhouse technologies.

The studies have shown that the growth of the plant is depend up on the climate and if we can create the favorable climate artificially, the plants will grow and the cropping can be through out the year.
The experts have developed a different world for the plants to provide controlled atmosphere to enable them for non-stop production. The greenhouse, the artificial world of plants, technology to provide the suitable climate to the plants is being achieved by few accessories like heater, moisture detector, air ventilators, lights and enclosure.

The plants require the warm atmosphere with sufficient nutrients, water and sun light for its growth. The greenhouse technology is very much developed to meet all these requirements and the year-through cultivation of all kinds of vegetables and fruits made possible for the world.

The continuous warmness is being achieved by the greenhouse heaters and the over heat will be controlled by the ventilation system during the summer. The daily watering gives the required moisture to the roots to absorb the maximum from the soil. The fertilizing is an important factor, which we have to provide as per the instructions of experts.

There are several kinds of heaters available in the market for maintaining the temperature inside the chamber. We have to select the heater depend on our budget and the consideration of its running cost. The heaters are Electric heaters, gas heaters, combustion heaters, paraffin heaters etc.

The electric heater more preferable, which produces only heat energy and no smoke, however the running cost of this heater is high and may not be affordable. All other type of heaters will emit the smoke along with heat energy and we have to exhaust it by the ventilation system. The temperature level of the chamber can be detected by the thermometer and we can act as per the requirement.


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Preparing your block before you lay new turf

One of the most popular ways of installing new lawns is to use roll on turf. While you can buy turf from a wholesaler like Bunnings or another garden supplies store, the best choice is always to buy it directly from a turf farm – if there is one near you.

Before you buy your new turf, you need to prepare your block so that you can lay it immediately. There are a lot of things to do if you are preparing a raw block, so make sure that you allow plenty of time. The three main steps when it comes to preparing an area for new roll on lawn are:

  1. Get rid of everything else from the area:
    When it comes to preparing an area to lay lawn, the first thing to do is to remove everything else from the area. If there are existing weeds or lawn in the area, spray them with a knockdown weed killer at least two weeks before you plan to lay your new lawn.
    Give them a few days, and then get to work with a shovel. Remove all existing plants, including their roots, so that they can’t grow back. Get rid of any big rocks or roots that are in the area, and then use a rake to remove as many small rocks as you can. The cleaner you can get the space, the better your new lawn will look.
  2. Prepare the soil for your new lawn:
    The hardest step is definitely getting the area ready to lay new lawn on. You need to make sure that the soil is in perfect condition for your new grass – if you lay roll on turf over poor quality soil, then you will find it extremely difficult to get your lawn to look good in the future.
    Start by testing your soil pH with a simple home test kit that you can purchase from any garden supplies store. If your pH is below 7, you need to increase it using lime or another similar product. Add gypsum if your soil contains a lot of clay, as this will help aerate it and keep it loose.
    If the soil is a bit sandy or lacking organic matter, spread a good potting mix over the surface and incorporate it using a shovel or a hoe. Make sure that you break up any major lumps or hard pieces of soil, and finally, spread a layer of lawn fertiliser over the area.
  3. Flatten the area so your new lawn is level:
    Once you have prepared and loosened the soil, you need to try and get it as level as possible so that your new lawn will be level. Once you roll your turf out, it will take the shape of the soil underneath. Using a heavy-duty rake, spread the dirt around, focusing on filling holes and removing any high points. Make sure that there is enough dirt around the edges.

Congratulations – you are now ready to lay your new turf!

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How to Fertilize Greenhouse Plants

A plant newly potted plants must be fertilized to grow new roots to absorb and supply to the plant for its immediate growth. How to fertilize and what type of fertilizer you must use is depending up on the kinds of plants you are growing in your greenhouse. Since, each plant has its own quality to absorb the required quantity of nutrients.

More fertilizer will spoil the health of the plant and it will encourage the wild plants to grow in your greenhouse. Some plants may in need of frequent fertilizing and some does not. So it is must to know about the requirement of plants, you have cultivated.
The fertilizers having considerable amount of nitrogen (50 percent) and that carry the preferred amount of nitrate, which is usually labeled and identified as “peat – lit”. The N-P-K ratio, mentioned on every bag, must be verified, which ratio analysis the similarity to “1-2-1”, which will supply a balanced growth.

The fertilizer like “21-5-20” or “20-10-20” is usually applied at the ratio of “200 ppm nitrogen” and this ratio is the basis for most of the pot grown “greenhouse plants”. Soluble fertilizers are convenient to apply and give immediate results compared to solid fertilizers or “slow release” gravel-type fertilizers.

Make sure that the plant soil is slightly moist before applying the fertilizer. You should never apply the fertilizer solution on to the plants when the soil is dry, which may injure the roots by the chemicals; moisturized soil will further dilute the chemicals.You must apply weaker dose of fertilizer and should never apply stronger solution, which will injure the young and soft roots.

A mixture of floramicro, florabloom and floragro are the recommended fertilizer products, which make a wide range of many different nutrients to fulfill the specific requirement of any kind of plants that you grow, and at different stages of the plants life.

Calcium Nitrate in Greenhouse Grade and Hydro-Gro is also known as great combination to achieve complete nutrient blend. Your attention is most important to take care of the plants. Check every day for the pests, insects, and treat, if there is any. Enjoy and make this as your habit of taking care of your plants

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Greenhouse Misting System

Greenhouses have become most popular in plant cultivation. They allow the cultivation of plants in places, which could grow these plants normally. There are many factors, which is effective for the development of plants, inside a greenhouse. The balanced air circulation, ventilation, humidity, shading and heating will provide a most favorable environment to the plants.

Misting – Another factor is that the prevention of overheating in the greenhouse by providing good ventilation and shading. However, proper misting or the control of humidity is also an important factor, which maintains a comfortable environment for the growth of plants.
Misting is one process to create the moisture inside the greenhouse. The amount of moisture, which is necessary to be maintained in the greenhouse, is depend up on several factors such as the amount of heat and ventilation that is existing inside. The thumb rule says that, every 10 square-ft of area, there must be 1-2 gallons/hour of moisture. A misting system can effectively distribute moisture regularly to all the parts of the greenhouse.

Misting systems is use to disperse water in an ultra fine. The size of the droplet is depending on the type and size of the nozzle. Misting systems are useful for many other applications besides its normal greenhouse tasks. It is being used for dust suppression, static electricity control, and concrete curing.

Misting systems consists of a continuous duty pumps, which is designed to sprinkle water for five minutes and now the noise-free pumps is also available for the convenience of the farmer. Misting systems with electronic automatic controller is developed for the convenience of farmers. It can be programmed the mist for 1-14 times a day with each mist filling will ranging from 1 minute to 24 minutes.

Nozzles are made of brass and plastic materials. The plastic nozzles can tolerate the attack of minerals and can repel lime and other deposits. The evaporative cooler also can serve the purpose of increasing the humidity.

It will spray the water to decrease the temperature to 16 to 20 degree and then evaporates to generate the mist. More humidity is not good for the growth of the plant and it must control to the required level. The instrument, which can measure humidity, is also very useful for greenhouse maintenance

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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing Greenhouse Lighting

The greenhouse is designed for the plant cultivation in favorable environment, created artificially. The space of the greenhouse is restricted and it is in an enclosed structure. The requirements of plants may be or may not be known factor for you.

If not you have to enquire and gather the knowledge to take care of the plants you are going to cultivate in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is not at all depending on natural climate and we have to create the suitable environment with all the necessities of plants, inside the greenhouse, artificially.

The change in temperature may affect the growth of the plants and we have to maintain the controlled temperature inside the greenhouse to help the plant to stabilize the way of growth. The regular watering and fertilization is the known factor for everybody and you have to follow as per the requirements of the plants. The next important factor is that the light rays, which is the media for the photosynthesis process on the leaves and the process is called as life process of the plant.

The sun light is the most power full light rays to fulfill the requirement of the plant. However, in the winter season, the sun appears for very short period and the plants may not be getting sufficient light rays for its life process. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the light rays artificially for the growth of the plants.
Many kind of lighting fixtures are available in the market and you have to select the fixture, which will suit the requirement of your greenhouse. Before selecting the lighting fixture, you must be aware about the area of your greenhouse and the amount of luminous intensity is required to provide sufficient light rays for the plants.

The lighting fixtures are different like incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, mercury vapor lamp, sodium vapor lamp, and neon lamps. The lights are available in different colors also. The light rays may not be required for entire day; even then, the lighting fixture must be suitable for 24 hours every day.

The different colors may be good for the flower plants and it is possible to provide the light rays in different colors. The light rays of sun are the combination of different colors. The electrical lighting fixtures will produce the heat and that may affect the climate of the chamber. Therefore, you select the lamps, which will produce less heat and more light energy.Select the best and provide the required amount of energy for the growth of the plant and maximum productivity

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Knowing Your Greenhouse Supplies

The greenhouse is become more and more popular for gardening and cultivating the fruits and vegetables. The greenhouse is a closed chamber with warmed environment for the healthy growth of the plants. Your interest and investment may not be sufficient to become the owner of a greenhouse, at the same time you should have the knowledge about the greenhouse and you must be able to fulfill the maintaining aspects of the greenhouse.

The greenhouse serves as a home for the plants to grow in a proper environment for through out the year. The greenhouse structure, wall, and roof can be made of many kind of material like plastic, glass, wood, fiber, metal etc. The greenhouse is an enclosed chamber, where we can control the temperature, light and even moisture to give a balanced environmental condition to encourage the growth of the plants.
The growth and productivity of the plants cultivated in the greenhouse are generally depending on the supplies installed in the greenhouse. To have a real and successful greenhouse, it is important to have the proper supplies and accessories are to be occupied in it.

Greenhouse Supplies:-

Heating System The heating source is very important especially, during the night and cold seasons. Generally, the heat supplied by the sun will get stored by the greenhouse, which is not available at night and the appearance of the will be very less during the winter season. Therefore, it is must to maintain the required heat inside the chamber, artificially.

That means the greenhouse should have a heater to maintain the required heat for the warming up the environment for encouraging the growth of the plants. The heater can be either the electric heater or the fueled heater, depends on your desire and budget.

Fog System and Watering System Mist and fog systems are also important in any greenhouse. It helps to maintain the humidity level. A good amount of humidity can also help to reduce the need for water to the plants. It is necessary to provide the water, every day, to the plants and the watering system has to be selected depends on the type of the plant.

Ventilation is most important to release the over heat end to provide right air circulation inside the greenhouse. It is also useful to release the smoke being produced by the fuel-oriented heaters to maintain the temperature inside the chamber. Greenhouse Thermometers are helpful to detect the temperature level and act to maintain the same.

Lighting is a media for the plants for their life process and it is necessary to provide the light for the growth of the plants.Shading is so important that the greenhouse may lose its controlled atmosphere during the summer season. Therefore, it is must to provide the shading by the material, which is having the property to filter the ultra-violet rays.

Flooring and Benches can be aesthetic as it polishes the image and ambience of the greenhouse. It can also be functional. It is best to use non-skid surface so there will not be much worry during watering time. Benches can also provide comfort and optional to the owner. It will give good relief to the people, who are working in the greenhouse by relaxing for few minutes on the benches

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Gardening inside the Greenhouse

Gardening is a most interesting and pleasing habit, due to which most of the human beings are behind it. If any one decides to go for a greenhouse for gardening, it will be great idea to grow the plants through out the year with out any fear of changing weather and climate conditions.

The greenhouse is available in different forms to accommodate as per your choice. However, you have to asses the available area to place the greenhouse. There are two types of greenhouse, like freestanding type and attaching type. The space requirement of freestanding type is more than the attaching type.
If you do not have sufficient area to accommodate the freestanding type you can choose the attaching type, which can be attached with your house. The placement of greenhouse must be in sunlight area to give the sufficient light rays to the plants. The plant is in need of sun light for its growth and it your responsibility to provide, for which you have to select the greenhouse with transparent enclosure.

More sun light is harmful to the plant so you must be prepared to avoid such kind of situations. You will have to create a favorable climate inside the greenhouse to help the plant to grow healthy. So you have to keep the heater for the winter season and ventilation system for summer season treatments.

The greenhouse is suitable for ideal kind of flower plants that can survive the climate. After collecting the designs, he can select as per the available area and his budget. If you know the correct procedure towards the maintenance of plants, you will be awarded by the wonderful flowers.

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Fertilization of Greenhouse Crops

The greenhouse is very much suitable to cultivate the seasonal crops though out the year by it’s controlled inside atmosphere. The proper growth and development of the crops are depending up on the treatments, you are providing to the plants.

Many factors like fertilization, temperature, humidity, ventilation and shading are to be considered for maintaining a greenhouse to the satisfaction of the plants, growing in the greenhouse. The proper nutrition has to be provided by the fertilization for the healthy growth and developing the productivity of the plant.
The greenhouse plants are called as heavy feeders and require huge amount of fertilizers to grow. Recent research has shows that the nitrate, nitrogen and ammonium balance is more affective for the growth of plants. High amounts of ammonium in turn can cause foliage burn to the plants due to toxicity.

It is most important to supply different kind of nutrients during the vegetative growth or reproductive growth of the crops. The nutrients must be balanced well to avoid the deficiencies and toxicities in the plants. The fertilizers with complete nutrients are available in market, which contain nitrogen; potassium and phosphorus are most useful for the plant.

Nitrogen – Ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate are some of the sources of nitrogen and it is most important nutrient to the plants. If the farmer prefers to feed the nitrogen in the form Ammonium, he should not supply more than 50 % in that form.

Potassium – This is an essential element in the water utilization of the plants and Potassium nitrate is the common source of potassium. Phosphorus – this is the other important element for the growth of the plant. The most common way of providing the phosphorus is through the phosphoric acid or super phosphate.

If you are supplying large amount of phosphorus, it may make other nutrients insoluble. Therefore, you must be careful, while providing the phosphorus, otherwise the plant will fail to absorb the nutrients. The other needs of Plants are calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum and chloride. Some of these are supplied through the growing medium and others are supplied through supplemental application.

The greenhouse cultivator must be capable to monitor the quantity and the balancing of the nutrients, which are to be provided for the plants in the greenhouse. Proper nutrition can help the plants to achieve their best growth and increase the productivity. Quality crops can be harvested if the cultivator knows how to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the plants.

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Selling Greenhouses to Farmers

Farmers face many challenges when working on the land due to the changes of weather and providing the sufficient nutrients to their plants. They have also to be prepared to fight with pests and diseases to achieve the target of harvesting the maximum out put from the grown plants.

The proper and proven method, the greenhouse technologies, is available for the farmers to do the cultivation as per their wish and expectations. The greenhouse will help the farmer to grow the crops in a controlled environment free from pest and diseases, what they were suffering in the past.
The greenhouse comes in various sizes; the designer can distribute a booklet to show the available models. If the farmer does not have enough space to accommodate the existing models, the farmer can go for a modified version according to the layout of the land. The greenhouse must be with the consideration of many factors.

The main thing is the selection of frame depends on your area weather conditions. The strong frame models are available to withstand all the weather conditions. Next factor is the selection of panel. It should be able to maintain the warm atmosphere inside the greenhouse though out the year and should have the quality to allow the sunlight inside for the growth of the plants. The panels made of Plexiglas or plastic can withstand even the hailstorm and the heavy snow falls.

The greenhouse is designed to maintain the friendly atmosphere inside, by which the plants can grow healthy and more productive, nevertheless of weather conditions. The main factor is that there are some accessories have to be kept for maintaining the warm atmosphere inside the greenhouse.

The heater, Humidifier, thermometer, humidity measuring instrument, lights, and ventilation systems are the main requirement of greenhouse to maintain the warm atmosphere inside the chamber. These equipments help the greenhouse to away from more heat during the summer and too cool during the winter. The farmer can do the plantation confidently through out the year and he can gain the benefit of cropping in every season.

Now the new technologies have come to maintain the friendly environment automatically, by which the farmer can achieve the best maintenance in time and can reduce the labor. The hydroponics farming is also has been developed, where the plants are growing in the water instead of soil. This technique has proven that it can produce more crops than the traditional method of using the soil.

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Planning a Greenhouse for Free

The people of modern world have diverted their mind towards the natural products like fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid the health imbalances happening from the artificial food. The demand of fruits and vegetables made very good potential in this business and many people has entered in the field of cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

Now the people are in search for the way to produce more fruits and vegetables and they are ready to invest as per the demand.The greenhouse technology is become more and more popular due to its favorable contribution in the agricultural industry.

The greenhouse is certified as the good in the production of more fruits and vegetables through out the year with out any interruption. The greenhouse becomes the dream of many people they are searching for the way to own it. The greenhouse kits are available in the market for the people, who are ready to invest for the greenhouse.
You can have the help of greenhouse experts to know the whole ideas for building a greenhouse. There are sources from where you can get free plans and tips to build your own greenhouse, especially for greenhouse enthusiasts who are just beginner and not able to invest more. We can help you to built your own green house in a minimum investment.

Tips to construct your own greenhouse:-

The base can be made of wood like rose wood or any other strong wood also can be selected. The base for our plan is considered as 2400 mm x 3000 mm.

The sidewall can build by 75 x 50 tantalized sawn timbers, which is usually available in 4800 mm. the sidewalls can be erected on the base and the side walls must attach with the base by using galvanized nails.

Roof frame can build by using the 75 x 50 tantalized sawn timbers. The roof frames should place above and attach with the sidewalls by using galvanized nails.

Windows will be of 50 x 50 timbers. One or more windows can provide for the right air circulation inside the greenhouse. The windows should be hinged and aligned properly for the regulation of inside temperature.

Covering of greenhouse is most important factor for maintaining the friendly atmosphere inside and it must allow sunrays inside for the growth of plants. It can be of polythene, which allows only 70 to 75% of ultra-violet rays, as required by the plants. The covering can be placed using thin battens, which will hold the polythene to the greenhouse.

The battens have to be attached by nails with the greenhouse studs and roof rafters. Greenhouses can be built in a couple of days to a couple of years. You may find many free greenhouse construction plans in the Internet. The free plans come with good tips and wonderful illustration to guide one in constructing a greenhouse for his plants.

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Free Greenhouse Plan for You

The person who are willing to be the owner of a greenhouse must be prepared with in-depth knowledge in maintenance of greenhouse and he has to purchase and keep the necessary equipments for the treatment of greenhouse, based on the weather. Anybody can have his own greenhouse at his back yard if he is able to maintain it.

The watering and providing the fertilizers is not only the requirement of greenhouse but also the heating process and de-moisturing is most important during the winter season. The main thing is that the plant must always be in a controlled atmosphere with sufficient heat, sun light, air and ventilation.
The greenhouse must be arranged to get use of rainwater and should have the proper drain system to avoid the accumulation of water at greenhouse area. Lighting is the other requirement of greenhouse to help the plants to grow at their maximum.

If you have the will power to take care of the greenhouse and are ready to arrange the necessary equipments, there are many free greenhouse plans, available to construct at your backyard. There are plans for building a freestanding or a lean-to greenhouse as you wish. We can give you some greenhouse plan to help for constructing your own greenhouse at your backyard or you go though the web site of free greenhouse plans and follow.

  1. You have to arrange the following things, towards the construction of your own greenhouse. Squeeze clips – 20 nos; Duck tape – 1 role; Heavy duty 3 M clear tape – 3 roles; 6 mm Clear plastic; 18 ratcheting tie downs; 4 to 8 T posts and 10 x 20 Universal canopy. These are the requirements to construct a low cost greenhouse.
  2. Get the help of somebody and assemble the parts to be the owner a greenhouse. Make sure that the joints are properly wrapped with duck tape. Erect the legs at the selected area for your convenience.
  3. Attach the 18 tie-downs to connect the upper part. Four legs / T posts are to be provided in the corners and at the centre portions, if required.
  4. Now you cover the structure with plastic, metal or wood material.

Your own green house is ready in front of you. Now you have chosen the crops to be cultivated and start to enjoy the warm of greenhouse.